Monday, October 23, 2017


When Mark Long agreed to help his friend's brother, he had no idea Jake Ashford intended on repaying him like this, but as Jake wraps his lips around his giant cock, straight boy Mark decides he might as well enjoy the fringe benefit, and so he kicks back his head and savors Jake's technique as he deep throats every inch of Mark's dick. Mark is rock hard and Jake asks him if he wants to hit that ass. Mark responds by throwing him face down onto the bed and plunging his cock bareback into Jake's waiting hole. Fucking him all over the bed, Mark shows no mercy on Jake, and he loves every minute of it, taking the pounding and begging for more, until Mark can no longer contain himself, pulling out and jizzing all over Jake's face who downs the load and begs for more. As he swallows the last drop, Mark realizes what a great decision this turned out to be.Enjoy!

Actors : Mark Long, Jake Ashford

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In the red corner is lean and mean machine, our stunning Colombian Alexis Belfort in a black and white wrestling singlet, shooting fierce eyes over the ring to his opponent. In the blue corner is the pumped up, psyched up muscled mister Logan Moore in a red and black singlet. It’s time for the pool again, it’s gonna be a messy wrestle! They carefully step in, drop to their knees and lock into place. Logan has the size advantage and immediately tips Alexis over into the goop. They struggle to get a-hold on each other, slipping and sliding around all over the place, the thick red lube coats the insides and outsides of their gear. Slicked up and shiny butts eat take a turn on top but finally Logan has defeated Alexis… he pulls him in for a celebratory kiss. Worked up and horned up, the feeling of being in a lube pool is too much and they have to get off! Logan stands up flopping his big hard cock out of the front of his singlet, Alexis gets onto the job in had and sucks his dick, Logan is loving it, he slides his hands down Alexis’s back to his exposed arse, he’s going to have fun with that later. Laying back in the corner of the pool, Alexis lets Logan reciprocate, sucking his cock and looking up at him with those big blue eyes. Bending him over Logan take sup the position behind Alexis and slides his very lubey cock inside him. He bangs away while grabbing onto his suit, like reigns, pulling him back in with every thrust. Alexis climbs on top of Logan and sinks down onto his dick. He bounces on him hard, really stretching his own hole. Logan pushes him down and slides into him from the side moving him back and forth in the goop, using it to roll him on and off his dick! Both guys have worked hard so the lay back together and want off in the warm mess. Alexis is first to spurt shortly followed by Logan. Big clean up required!

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Fisting coach Hugh Hunter means business and this time he's going to really get rookie Sam Syron opened up and ready to compete. He slides his fist deep into Sam's sloppy hole. 'Come on, you can take it!' Hugh yells out as Sam moans and begs for Hugh to go deeper inside. Hugh wants to see how big Sam can make his rosebud and pulls out to let the fisting student do his thing. Not wanting to let his coach down, he squeezes his asshole inside out to show off his bright red ass lining. Sam wants to impress Hugh any way he can and reaches around to do the third hand maneuver by shoving his own hand up his ass. 'Show me that you're a champion!' Hugh yells out to his protege. Sam repositions himself to get Hugh as deep inside as he can possibly go and then rolls around to show Hugh that he's ready to be a winner. Sam wants to cum for his coach and jacks his long, uncut cock as his balls dangle down his taint. He lets out a wail and shoots a thick, creamy load all over his milky white body. 'I think you're ready,' Coach says reassuringly before the two go off to rest up for the competition.

Actors : Hugh Hunter, Sam Syron

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