Saturday, January 7, 2017

BLAKE MASON - Jack Green & Chris Jansen A Perfect Way To Celebrate The Holidays

Happy Holidays to all our lovely friends! We're celebrating in style with a couple of hotties who certainly know how to get in the Christmas spirit. Sweet young Chris arrives with a special breakfast and his handsome lover Jack is very eager to celebrate. With cards opened and champagne flowing it's only a matter of moments before those hard young uncut cocks are out for wanking and sucking, sensually savoring each other. Gorgeous Chris loves the feel of Jack's long cock easing in and out of him in so many positions, his own young cock hard throughout as Jack thrusts into him, taking them both to the edge of pleasure and resulting in a torrent of hot cum from both!

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CRUSH HIM - Chris Segewick & Jacobey London Inked Boy Chris Is Ready To Step In

Jacobey isn't getting what he wanted out of his relationship, and you know a sexy young guy like him isn't gonna be waiting around for long. That's especially true when there's a greedy young guy like Chris waiting in the wings and more than willing to get on that cock and do the job. The two share their tasty boners in some great mutual sucking, then it's time for inked boy Chris to show us what he's good at as he takes that hard dick all over the couch and finishes up with some cum tasting as a lovely treat! Remember this lesson; please your man or someone else will.

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JOE SCHMOE VIDEOS - Big Dick Mike Gets Sucked

Mike is a very horny guy, the kind of guy you probably wouldn't think is down for sharing his dick with other guys if you met him. He's had a few experiences and enjoyed himself and now the 28-year-old is getting into making movies. He's a great guy, hairy in the right places, with a big meaty dick that swings and throbs. He gets a little nervous a few times but the cock ring and all that sucking helps him out and we think he's gonna be back for more.

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