Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sean Cody - Brysen & Cole - PHOTOS - SC

The passionate Brysen is back to fuck Cole's tight ass!
It seemed as though Brysen was in love,
"He's adorable though! What's there not to like about him?"
Cole blushed a little, but he knew Brysen just wanted to get into his pants and slide his big dick in that hole of his...
Cole didn't fully know what he was getting himself into, but he wasn't complaining when he was left covered in Brysen's cum and sweat by the end of it all...

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MEN.COM - Stealth Fuckers Part 13 - PHOTOS - Diego Sans | Darin Silvers | Jacob Peterson - DMH - Drill My hole

Diego Sans, Darin Silvers, and Jacob Peterson are masters of getting what they want no matter what the risk.

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MEN.COM - Fuck Him Up Part 4 - PHOTOS - Brent Everett | Tayte Hanson - DMH - Drill My Hole

Tayte Hanson and Brent Everett’s make-up sex is hot enough to settle any bad blood between the two former lovers. Tayte chokes on Brent’s cock while Brent preps his hole for a pounding. Tayte opens wide with the help of Brent’s strong fingers and wet tongue—that cock slides right in, turning his sweet ass out.

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