Saturday, February 11, 2017

Sean Cody - Mateo & Sean - PHOTOS - SC

Mateo and Sean are like two buddies just hanging out, throwing around a football and helping each other get off.
What else are friends for?

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Sean Cody - Kipp - PHOTOS - SC

Kipp is the kind of guy who is pretty relaxed, and just goes with the flow of life…
I guess that’s basically how he got here! To top it all off, he’s really hot!
“I was like, ‘Alright, let’s see! This might be fun!’”
It looked like he had a lot of fun stroking that uncut dick of his and blowing his load all over himself…I’d say that’s a pretty good definition of fun!

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MEN.COM - Satisfied - PHOTOS - Paddy O'Brian | Ken Summers - GOM - Gods Of Men

Paddy O’Brian and Ken Summers share an intimate moment after an endless make-out session. Ken worship’s Paddy’s rod, savoring every inch of that pulsing thick meat. Paddy’s perfect cock head pops and pumps into Ken’s tight little hole. He fucks him from behind before Ken hops on top and rides that massive piece of meat to completion.

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MEN.COM - Reverse Peeping Tom Part 1 - PHOTOS - Scott Riley | Ashton McKay

Ashton McKay and Scott Riley get down and dirty sucking and fucking.

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