Saturday, February 18, 2017

MEN.COM - Captivated - PHOTOS - Paddy O'Brian | Diego Reyes - GOM - Gods Of Men

Paddy O’Brian gifts Diego Reyes with his passionate love and rock hard cock. Tongues entwined, the boys slowly work at arousing each other’s bodies. Paddy makes sure Diego savors every inch of dick as he plows away at his mouth. With Diego’s hole wet and wide, Paddy slips in and pounds away at that hot piece of ass.

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MEN.COM - Split Personality Part 2 - PHOTOS - Paul Canon | Trevor Long - DMH - Drill My Hole

Paul’s “disorder” is straining his relationship with his boyfriend. He gets down and dirty with Trevor Long in the bathroom while Scott listens from their bedroom. Paul slobbers on Trevor’s rod, taking that hard piece of meat far down his throat. They move to the bedroom where Trevor impales Paul with his dick and fucks him until an explosive climax.

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MEN.COM - The Huntsman Part 2 - PHOTOS - Skyy Knox | Marco Gagnon - DMH - Drill My Hole

Marco Gagnon stumbles upon Skyy Knox’s cabin while lost out in the freezing wilderness. Skyy knows just how to warm him up—starting with a blow and a rim job before moving onto the main event. Marco’s huge dick fits snugly within Skyy’s tight hole, warming both men with feverish pleasure.

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