Monday, March 6, 2017

BOYNAPPED - Sean Taylor & Jack Ashley Bottom Boy Pumped With Cock

Imagine having a boy like Jack all bound up waiting for you. He's been out in the sun for a while, roped down to the pallet and unable to escape. You have to wonder if he would want to escape this, though! Sean is soon there ready to explore the boy's butt, using plenty of thick greasy lube to finger and fist his hole. It's soon replaced by his long cock, thrusting in and out of him while Jack's long cock gets milked. Watch the boy being drained of cum with Sean humping into his pucker, finally left splashed and dripping.

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BOYNAPPED - Darren Cross Shaved & Stroked To A Gushing Load

Darren is a sexy and smooth young man, but he has a little hair that Sebastian needs to deal with. The naked young man has no choice in the matter, he's been stripped and roped down to the massage table, ready for the master to deal with. With his cock hard and covered in creamy foam he gets a full shaving, his erection leaking precum, wanked off and made to spew hot cream!

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BOYS SMOKING - Drac & Nolan Str8 Buds Smoke & Stroke

Straight chainsmokin buds Drac and Nolan smoke up a storm while they work on their horny cocks! Nearly a pack of smokes goes down in this one! Nolan's huge 9 1/2 incher will have your mouth watering while he strokes and smokes!

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