Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sean Cody - Tracey - PHOTOS - SC

“Do you have some good assets we’d like to check out today?”
“Absolutely! It includes my ass, my dick and the rest of my body.”
Tracey didn’t even hesitate and went right for the kill.

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This is our newest boy, Max! I like Max right off the jump and I think y'all will too. Chatting with Claude, I can tell he's an adventurous guy who'll be willing to test his limits. Isn't that exactly what we look for around here?Once Max gets his dick nice and hard, he stands up and uses some lube to really get cranking. He's not afraid to really let his hands wander all over his body. After a little while, Max's whole chest and stomach are covered in warm oil. We get a nice view of Max's hard cock from Max's perspective. Max's skin tone is such a major turn on here! Seeing those hands work on that stiff erection is such a treat. Then Max goes back to the couch and reclines back, kicking his legs up to really focus on jerking his meat. Some nice, strong-handed tugging leads Max to go back to his feet. He takes advantage of a mirror, admiring himself as he strokes his hard dick, watching his powerful body move with a sensuous rhythm. Eventually, Max heads back to the couch to lay back and pop off a nice, big load. I'm very excited to see more from this fresh soldier.

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A mad scientist is looking for a the perfect sperm donor so he can create a sex machine superhero. From a very young age, Peter Lipnik had a higher sex drive than normal, which made him the perfect candidate. Every male & female he encountered had to have sex with him and he didn't disappoint anyone. Scientist Dick Knowles knew Peter was the One. Here's how he got his hands on the Ultimate Sperm...

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Hans is in his office and having a very heated conversation with a client on the phone which is upsetting him. As the conversation escalates, we can tell that Hans is beyond frustrated and having a bad day. As he hangs up the phone there is a knock on his office door. When the door opens we see Trey who is in a happy mood and he is carrying a bag. He has made lunch for Hans and when he discovers that he is upset, he begins massaging his shoulders in an effort to relax him. Soon they are making out and Trey is on his knees sucking Hans's fat cock as to ease all the stress. Hans picks up the phone and tells his secretary to hold his calls for at least 30 minutes. The two continue and Hans begins by rimming Trey's meaty ass before fucking him bent over the desk. Trey then rides his cock for a while. Hans then sucks Trey's cock and tells him that he wants Trey to fuck him. Trey rims his ass for a while and shoves his huge cock deep inside Hans eager ass. They fuck until Hans cannot hold back and he shoots his thick cum on his pelvis. Trey then shoots his own load all over Hans balls and then cleans it all up with his tongue. Enjoy!

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Masson is in the comfort of his own home and decides to get a quick workout in. He likes to stay in shape and sometimes the gym is way too packed so working out at home is key. His body is built extremely sexy as you can watch him do squats, sit ups and some jumping jacks. You can see his big cock flop around in his underwear. Once he breaks a sweat he heads over to the shower and drops all his clothes. He begins to rub his masculine body with soap lathering up his sexy bubble butt leading up to his big cock. He soaps every inch of his beautiful physique. He leaves the shower and dries off. He goes back into the living room and starts to feel horny. He slowly tugs on his thick cock waking it up from its slumber. You can see it grow with every inch as its thickness fills his hands up. His dick is rock hard as he is mid jacking off his sexy meat. He sits down on the bench to spread his legs so you can see his big balls hanging as he pulls up and down on his cock. You can hear him building up his load as he gets closer and closer. He moans intensely as his creamy load shoots up and out dripping all over his big thick dick. Enjoy!

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