Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sean Cody - Arnie & Curtis - PHOTOS - SC

Curtis was excited to be back, and hitting it off with Arnie right from the start was even more exciting…especially since it’s been a while since he’s had some dick.
Arnie was eager to give Curtis what he’s been missing!

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ICONMALE - On the cum back

Calvin Banks receives a few missed calls from cheating ex-boyfriend Michael Delray. He calls him back and asks him what he wants. Michael confesses that he fucked up and wants to take Calvin for dinner. Calvin accepts. Michael is sad and pathetic, Calvin sees how selfish his ex is but still decides to give him a good fucking after dinner! The two pound each other, sucking hard dicks, full of passion and resentment. Make up sex has never been better especially with no feelings attached on Calvin's part that is, revenge is sweet!

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Bennett has received some pictures on his phone from Jay. Bennett can't believe how big this guy's cock is and thinks it could be fake. He keeps swiping on his phone while playing with his dick and finally he calls up Jay to get his ass or cock over to his pad stat. Jay shows up and Bennett wants to see the goods. Jay whips out his long dick and Bennett can't believe his eyes. He tells Jay that this will be the biggest cock he's ever sucked on and if he can't fit it in his ass it will be the biggest he's been fucked by as well. Bennett goes to town on that juicy cock sucking and gagging on it constantly. He can't get enough of that big dick choking him as Jay stuffs his face deep and hard. Jay wants to have some fun too so they 69 for a bit sharing in all the joy. Bennett lies on his back while Jay gets a turn to service him and play with his red hairy ass. Jay is getting that hole ready for his big throbbing cock. Jay fucks Bennett all over the bed from doggy style, side, riding and ends with fucking him on the edge of the bed going deep and hard. Their balls have been building up loads and finally Bennett pops as Jay gets a hard thrust and all the cum oozes out. Jay pulls his cock out and shoots a stream of a load directly on Bennett's face plus all over his chest. Enjoy!

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