Friday, March 17, 2017


We have a brand new, gorgeous young man with us today named Damon. He comes off very sophisticated and well-spoken, two things that make squad leaders around here. It's interesting that he describes himself as a party boy to Claude. I think Damon will prove to be an interesting dude and an excellent new soldier.Damon settles in on the couch and Claude gets nice and low for us. Damon's style is a nice breath of fresh air. He uses lots of oil and implements both hands in the stroking process. With a fat dick like that, two hands are probably necessary!Then we get view from Damon's perspective, looking down on that luscious cock. Wow, Damon really came here to party and I shouldn't have expected anything less. Damon goes back to the couch, but this time reclines with one leg up. From here, we get a little teasing glimpse of Damon's ass as he lays back, as well as a good look at his enticing balls. Then we get a great view from above, showing us Damon's whole body working to pleasure himself. He's a strong guy with serious muscle tone. Damon goes back to his feet and brings the rhythm back up to fast pace. Claude moves from the front to the back, and we take a look at Damon's sexy ass. Then we get a look upward at this hunk as he cranks his way to the finish line. I simply LOVE what Claude does here! You just have to see this incredible ending. I don't wanna spoil it, but I'll say that I hope you're ready to get blasted by Damon's hot load! What a fun guy and what an excited new prospect for the squad.

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NEXTDOORSTUDIOS - Next Door Homemade: Derek McLaughlin & Chase Klein

Derek McLaughlin and Chase Klein are mutual friends of avid homemade porn enthusiast, Vinny Blackwood. We've had the pleasure of seeing Vinny hook up with each of these guys and it looks like they had such good time with sexy Vinny, they decided to do their own thing and submit the footage.Chase is such a well-built, handsome dude and Derek is a super cute, cock-loving, hungry bottom. Together, they're a perfect pair. After they peel each other's clothes off, Derek begins sucking Chase's hard dick. After a while, Chase flips onto his belly so Derek can get a taste of his hole. Once Chase gets worked up enough, he bends Derek over and slides his firm erection into his ass. The cameras they set up perfectly catch the large amount of sticky pre cum dripping from Derek's boner. After slamming Derek doggystyle for a while, Derek goes to his back to take more pounding. These guys have lots of very hot fun in this encounter and I'm glad we get to witness it. Thanks for the awesome spank material, boys!

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Young Theo contacted me a year ago to audition for Maskurbate. At the time he'd just started working out and I felt he needed a little more definition to fit our criteria. When I saw his recent pics, I gladly invited him to my place for his first shot at porn. If he keeps going to the gym and gains more confidence, I predict that he'll be very successfull in this industry. He is very open to try new things so, if you guys like him, you'll probably see more of Theo in the future.

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Park is in the shower enjoying the hot water as he rubs his body down with soap but what he does not know is that Jack is outside in the hallway breaking into his room. Jack slowly opens the door and creeps inside while Park is still showering. Park can't hear a thing as Jack is roaming around his room until by accident, Jack makes a noise. Park dries off and creeps up to his bathroom door and he can see Jack going through his wallet. Park rushes him and throws him onto the bed as he jumps on top of him so he cannot escape. Park is pissed and tells him that as payment his young ass and mouth is now his. Jack and Hunter love to role play and they've both wanted to do this scenario for quite some time now. The excitement from the role play builds up as the make out and Jack starts blowing Park. He licks his shaft and balls stroking it ever so lightly as he pleases every inch of Park. Park bends Jack over to reveal his sexy smooth ass as he buries his face between them sexy butt cheeks. He tugs on Jack's big cock from behind milking him ever so slowly until finally Park is ready to fuck that ass. Park fucks him deep and hard showing the young buck who is boss. Park decides it's time for him to be fucked so he pulls out of Jack and starts to suck on his big thick cock getting it ready for his tight hole. Jack is well fucking hung with low hanging balls that swing like a pendulum. Jack is nice and hard ready to push his big dick into Park. Jack fucks Park deep and hard from behind then he lets him ride his monster shaft. The thickness is spreading Park's hole wide but the pleasure is too good to stop now. They both lay on their backs stroking their cocks to see who is going to bust first and Park lets his load out all over himself. Jack loves the sight of cum and nuts all over Park's face and rubs his cum all over him making sure he eats every last bit of it. Enjoy!

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Oh boy, these two recruits are a couple of my recent favorites. It's Princeton Price along with Scott, a matchup I can't believe we're having for the first time. Princeton makes the first move, leaning over and taking Scott's hard dick into his mouth. I love Scott's big, thick cock. Claude gets close up to show us how sexy Princeton looks as he services that throbbing erection. After a little while on the bed, the guys stand up so Princeton can continue to slurp Scott's hard dick, and jerk his own dong at the same time. The guys move back to the bed, where Princeton goes to his knees while Scott gets a taste of some nice cock for himself. As Scott enjoys Princeton's stiffy, Princeton bends forward, playing with Scott's tight hole. Then Princeton spreads those incredible cheeks and licks Scott's tight, tender hole. Princeton makes sure to tug Scott's cock a bit while he rims. Oh what a beautiful ass on that boy! Princeton really gets in there, licking from every possible angle. Now at this point you might think Scott would be taking Princeton's dick into his ass. Not this time, it's Princeton's who's getting stuffed full of Scott's big, throbbing boner. My goodness, this gets hot! We've seen a lot of progress from Scott and I think mostly in the area of pounding ass. This here is a testament to how far he's come with us. Just watch the power Scott has as he slams Princeton's ass and jerks his dick at the same time. I just have to hand it to these boys; they've both come a long way. It's been a joy to watch their progress and know that they're heading in the right direction. The payoff, this time, for their hard work is blasting their loads and feeling that satisfaction.

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