Wednesday, April 12, 2017

MEN.COM - Thoroughbred Part 2 - PHOTOS - Diego Sans and Toby Dprings - DMH- Drill MY Hole

Diego Sans drills Toby Spring’s hole with his massive dick.

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MEN.COM - Last Day on Earth Part 3 - PHOTOS - Jordan Levine and Luka Adams - STG - Str8 to Gay

Jordan Levine’s cock is swallowed by Luke Adams perfect ass.

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At, it’s funny how different countries perceive the sexual lives of other cultures. Oscar comes from Eastern Europe and feels that the UK is much kinkier than where he comes from. As such he’s comes here seeking out new experience and wants to dip into BDSM which he’s never tried before. He proves how eager and ready he is by how thick and heavy his cock becomes the second his clothes come off. This dirty boy is desperate to get into some filthy man on man action as soon as possible.

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