Saturday, April 15, 2017

MEN.COM - Hall Pass Part 2 - PHOTOS - Diego Reyes ,Sunny Colucci - DMH- Drill My Hole

Diego Reyes uses his free pass for easy access to Sunny Colucci’s ass. That thick dick fits snugly in Sunny’s hole while he rides away like a pro. Diego’s piston fucking forces the cum from both men’s beautiful cocks.

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MEN.COM - For a Good Time Call Part 1 - PHOTOS - Dennis West ,Damian Kyle - DMH - Drill My Hole

Damien Kyle comes across Dennis West’s phone number scrawled on the wall in a bathroom stall. Although he didn’t write his number there, Dennis decides to embrace his gay side and invites Damien over for some ass slamming. His curiosities give way to one of the best fucks he’s had.

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