Wednesday, May 31, 2017

MY FRIENDS FEET - Hoytt Walker Worshipped By Uncle Dev

Hoytt Walker is in town for a few days for a musical festival when his plans for a place to stay fall through. No worries though, as Uncle Dev has a place to stay for Hoytt. Of course, Hoytt has to offer up his size 10 feet for some worshipping to be able to stay. He thinks that's weird, especially considering his feet are sweaty and stinky from walking around in the Florida heat all day. It's no problem for Dev though, as he sniffs Hoytt's rank boots and socks before he gets right down to business on Hoytt's bare feet with his mouth and tongue. Hoytt loves the foot worshipping he receives, beating off and cumming as proof of it!

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At, while tattoo artist Fred works on the bare bum of future groom Darren, Barry strokes the cock of Luke. Both the holiday lads are worse for wear and with their defenses down they don't realize how the evil men are taking advantage of them. Adrian Barstool sees the perfect opportunity to get back at the wild boys who've caused such havoc in his bar - especially since the dopey fellas can't tell the difference between the sound of the tattooist's needle and a buzzing vibrator!

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Sean Cody - Brandon & Titus - PHOTOS - SC

Titus was really nervous; putting on a huge smile, accompanied by the giggles…but really, he was just very enthused by the fact that Brandon would give him a good pounding.
Brandon blushed bashfully, but when it came right down to it, he really gave it to Titus and inevitably broke him out of his shyness.

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MEN.COM - The Dinner Party Part 2 - PHOTOS - Teddy Torres | Matthew Parker - DMH - Drill My Hole

Matthew Parker gets a taste of Teddy in before the main dish is served.

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