Saturday, June 3, 2017

MEN.COM - Fleet Week Part 3 - PHOTOS - Noah Jones | Matie - DMH - Drill My Hole

Noah Jones is eager to anchor his cock into Matie’s tight ass. That hole is drilled deep, Matie taking that dick to the hilt as it massages inside his ass with every propulsive pump. Noah fucks the cum out of him before blowing his load onto Matie’s face.

Download This VIDEO! - Dylan Black & Scott DeMarco BAREBACK in Baltimore

This week we introduce a brand new porn model Dylan Black. He's a PI - perhaps it's some kind of a voyeuristic bent that he has that attracted him to that job and also appearing in this scene with the wonderful Scott DeMarco.

Scott tickles Dylan's hole with his bearded face and tongue. Dylan wants that big bare cock deep inside his hole and Scott pounds him - lets him ride his cock and then buries his sperm load deep inside that bottom.

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As a rule it is a good idea to have at least one whore on the wing. A boy who willingly takes cock from whoever wants to use him. There are few problems of bullying to deal with as the whore likes his place whether on his knees in the toilets or biting a pillow in a cell. Provided the whore doesn't have obvious favourites and offers his arse to all on a fair basis then it can calm the lags. However one problem remains...

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