Tuesday, June 20, 2017


The boys waste no time in servicing each other. They are both very cock hungry as they switch off blowing each other. These two smooth young bodies rubbing up on one another is almost too much to handle. Billie is quiet but the balls from his cock are loud and noticeable. Billie takes the reigns while Scott takes Billie's veiny cock deep in his ass. Scott is such a great submissive vet that Billie can't help but fuck him hard and deep in multiple positions. Billie loves doggy style and has Scott bent over the bed as he is plowed from behind. Scott loves to have his legs spread wide from behind and as Billie fucks him Scott ends up blowing his load all over the sheets and Billie can feel that ass tighten up around his hard dick. Billie's thick hard cock is almost ready to burst so he puts Scott on his back and continues to fuck him building up his load. Finally the moment has come and Billie pulls out of that sexy ass and strokes dick until every last drop of cum has been emptied out all over Scott.Enjoy!

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Handsome young Master Max returns to fuck the living daylights out of this pathetic sub. The snarling Master has his dick sucked hard before he rams it into the runt's slack rear.

The fucking is merciless and the uncaring, angry lad pounds away causing as much damage as possible to the humiliated worm. This is one of Brutal Top's horniest ever fucking scenes.

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For old high school buddies Markie More and Derek Bolt, time sure has flown by. Where once they were teammates in the locker room, now they find themselves married and with adult responsibilities. Still, memories persist as they share a beer by the pool. With their wives away on a day trip, Markie and Derek begin to reminisce about the days gone by, and inevitably, the subject of a particular drunken hook-up comes up. Derek rolls his eyes has Markie recalls what good blow job Derek gave him, and Derek counters that Markie seemed to enjoy it as much as he did. Markie cannot deny Derek, and in an instant, the two old friends are up in the bedroom taking a stroll down memory lane. Derek begins by sucking Markie off, and he's just as good as Markie remembers. Markie returns the favor, getting Derek nice and hard before mounting him. He rides Derek's hard cock, cupping his hands on his ass and spreading his cheeks to allow Derek full access to his hole. Derek pounds away and it's just as good as he remembers. He bends Markie over and pounds him from behind as Markie clutches the bedsheets with every thrust, before the two of them switch, and Markie takes the helm and assumes the dominant role, fucking Derek missionary and stroking Derek's cock, fucking the cum out of him before pulling out and soaking him with his pent up, married man's load. Derek lay cum-covered in the bed as he and Markie share a laugh for memories revisited. Enjoy!

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TOE GASMS - Jeremiah Johnson Sweaty Boy After The Gym

Handsome and fit boy Jeremiah has just joined a new gym nearer to us and we were happy about that knowing he would be more likely to come and spend some time showing off on his way home. He stopped by with one thing on his mind, eager to put on a show and get his cum pumping out. Check him out in this sexy shoot, still a little sweaty from his session, playing with his sneakers, his socks and his naked feet, then getting his cock out and making a gooey mess! Some boys cum in a sock, this boy erupts his load over them!

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STRAIGHT NAKED THUGS - Samuel Phatom A Shower & A Stroke In The Bathroom

It's easy to get carried away when you're trimming your fur, but we're very glad Samuel didn't get carried away and start trimming his bush while he was shaving. His plump cock and balls are tasty looking from below, and soon enough he's stroking and getting nice stiff boner to play with while we watch him. We would all love to do that for him, but this straight boy knows how to work his cock and get that cream pumping out of his helmet. After all is said and done the young stoner looks pretty good with his trimmed beard, and his cock is definitely satisfied, for now.

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