Wednesday, June 21, 2017

CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At, sporty Daniel is in peak physical condition. He's been training for months to try out for the rowing team, but nothing can psychologically prepare him for the intensity of being scrutinized by these suited officials. Daniel is totally overwhelmed as the men circle him copping a feel, sticking their noses in all his intimate crevices and removing his clothes a piece at a time. This big strong athlete who is used to being in command is suddenly aware of how naked and vulnerable he feels amidst these lecherous men!

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We’ve got a real treat with this fresh heterosexual boy! An 18 year old fit as fuck amateur boxer with an insatiable sex drive. And he’s dumb as a post! Just listen to his interview as he struggles to understand the meaning of a dark room and being fucked with a strap on. Listen to him talk about his burgeoning boxing career while I focus in on his tight muscular arse cheeks. Watch him edge himself all the way to orgasm while his nuts bounce wildly.

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Spritzz - Wet Wakeup Call For XL Morning Wood

When a couple of horny buddies discover their mate David Foster sleeping with a massive XL boner popping out of his tight underwear they can’t help but make a move on it. Transfixed by his mighty manhood, Jeff Harper and Robin Palmer try gently sucking him off, trying not to wake him. The throbbing between his legs is the best alarm clock of all, though, and in a little while the twink threesome has gotten into some sleazy morning sex, their stiff cocks disappearing up hairy bare buttfuck holes until it’s time for a cum facial, with sperm sharing to make the best breakfast of all!

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Iron Body Bodybuiler's weigh in

PESADA 2016 from Super Series Gym

Sopot 2013

Kielce 2016

Sopot 2013

Santa Susanna 2016 backstage preperation

Sopot Bodybuilder red trunks preperation 2016

Sopot blue trunks 2016

Sopot pre-contest tanning 2016

Hampshire posedown

Sopot More red trunks trunks Bodybuilder 2016

MEN.COM - Hide And Seek Part 2 - PHOTOS - William Seed|Will Braun | Zack Hunter - DMH - Drill My Hole

After being used by the first hot jock, this dirty bottom is ready for seconds. He’s fucked hard by the other muscle top having a better day than he could’ve ever imagined.

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Top Up Down Bottom