Thursday, June 22, 2017


In the new video at, it's one of those sultry afternoons when it's too hot to be indoors. Five college students have finished lessons for the day and are standing around chatting about their days. They are happy gossiping about the lecturers and enjoying being out of the stuffy classrooms. Ellie, Sabrina, Jessica and Susan are best friends and just love to have fun. They allow Martin to hang out with them as he's easy to tease and blushes easily. They never pass up the chance to have some fun at his expense. Perhaps today they'll get the opportunity to get up to mischief!

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Jason Sparks Live - Tripp Townsend & Baxter Black BAREBACK in Houston

It's a big dick bonanza this week on as new porn model Baxter Black jerks his own big dick while being bare fucked by the big dick of Tripp Townsend.

Tripp has been doing porn for a while now and he's a total exhibitionist - admitting to getting fucked in front of crowds of people and loving every minute. Baxter himself doesn't mind onlookers either.

They suck each other off before Tripp gets his big raw cock deep inside Baxter's eager hole. The two tattooed fuckers are loving every minute and explode in wads of sticky cum.

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Fucking is fun, but there are guys who need more.
Blowing cocks and shoving them in your ass is cool for warming up. Once you're fucked loose, it's time to go with a hand in your ass. In the nine scenes from eight Cazzo films, trained bottoms like Ben Taylor, Nicolas Torri, Matthieu Paris, Rick Gustanowitz, etc. show just how to do it right. For the right men, they make their holes deep. And they like the feel of a man's arm deep inside. Holes filled to the max. Mдnnersex for advanced!

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Sopot More blue trunks trunks Bodybuilder 2016

More Loaded Cuo weigh-in 2016

Sopot bodybuilding preperation 2016

Sopot Bodybuilder 2016

Cute guy Sopot 2016

Sopot bodybuilding preperation 2016

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Backstage at Top de Colmar 2016

Brazillian, Bruno Divino at NABBA World 2016

Young Bastards - Making a sacrificial offering to John Latino

In the last scene of The Wolf, Tony Forza and John Latino give in to their animal instincts! The sexy Latino is prowling through the backroom of the Cockring Club in hunter-mode, and when Tony arrives he becomes the ideal prey. Lured into a dark corner, Tony submits to Johnís erect cock after a tough power struggle. Determined to abuse his hungry ass, John gets him into a sling to show him who's the boss...

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