Saturday, July 1, 2017


With his shitty credit and a lack of network resources, Paul Canon was pretty sure his rental application was going to be denied, and sure enough, property manager Dalton Riley delivers the bad news after running the credit check. After discussing his lack of options, Dalton decides that he may be able to help Paul out and rent him a room at his place if the price is right. Paul balks, and Dalton finds out that Paul also doesn't have employment presently. Paul realizes he really doesn't have a lot of options, but fortunately for him, Dalton has an idea that for an arrangement that Paul might be able to swing. Namely, Dalton tells him he can rent him the place provided that Paul shows some form of physical appreciation. Paul quickly understands the terms of the agreement, and as Dalton falls to his knees and begins to suck him off, Paul decides this might be the best offer he'll ever have, so he willingly goes along with whatever Dalton wants. For his part, what Dalton wants is a piece of Paul's sweet ass, and maybe even a test ride on Paul's cannon, so he bends Paul over and has his way with him, raw dogging him from behind before flipping him over and fucking him missionary on the table. Satisfied that Paul's got the necessary assets, he looks to see if Paul knows how to use them, mounting Paul's rock hard cock and riding him reverse cowboy as he strokes himself off. As Paul thrusts and pounds, Dalton loses his load all over the floor, telling Paul to finish inside him. Paul does as he's told, fucking Dalton raw until he shoots his load deep inside him, then pulling out and watching it spill out of his hole in a sticky, wet mess. Slapping his cum drenched cock against Dalton's hole, the two of them agree that this is the start of a beautiful situation.Enjoy!

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Hey Troops,A new recruit thinks he has what it takes to be a part of this elite squad we are continuously building. Today we have Rick, he's 19 years old, stands 6 feet tall and weighs 175 lbs. When Rick isn't trying out his porn dreams you can find him in the woods hiking on the local trails and enjoying the sun.Rick has a very young look to him and rightfully so when he's barely 19. He's a tall slender young man with very smooth milky white skin. He has a very nice cock that would fit perfectly into any one of our elite vets if they decide to take Rick on. Claude gives us some amazing views of his furry ass while his legs are spread out on the couch stroking his hard cock. You can see all the young fuzz and succulent balls just waiting for some attention. You might notice that Rick goes from nude than back to wearing underwear than back to some sweat pants. Rick has a fabric fetish in that he needs to feel it on his body or cock which helps him get off even more. It's very unique and I don't think we have ever come across it here at AD but hey to each their own and we all find it very sexy.Rick continues to show off the goods as he strokes his hard dick for all the eager viewers. His slender legs and throbbing cock are definitely a sight to enjoy. He's quiet but he's deep in the zone as his load is building up.Finally Rick blasts his huge nut all over himself gushing out cum until every last drop is all over his smooth young chest. Enjoy the close up of all his jizz.

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Russian Bodybuilder shredding post sauna

Russian Gym Strip & Pose

Backstage Bodybuilder Spray Tan

Bodybuilder in Tiny Trunks @ FitCom London 2017

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FitCon 2017 Backstage

Russian bodybuilder poses in gym reception

FitCom Bodybuilder Preparation London 2017


If you know anything about Christian, you know he has a thing for huge cocks attached to handsome, dark skin guys...and Charles is exactly that to-a-T! We've seen Christian deep throat some big dicks before, but this might be his best accomplishment to date. Charles just sits back and watches Christian worship his fat cock, from head down to his balls. Charles lubes up Christian's hole with his mouth and tongue, then slides his entire cock in balls deep. The look on Christian's face needs to explanation! Charles fucked him in every position, hard, sensually... until he fucked his entire load into him... except for what dripped out as he pulled out of course.

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