Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Danse et chorégraphie : Richard Cayre

Portlaoise Monty boys

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Changing room hunk

Weigh-in Loaded cup

Gym Posing Bodybuilder

Pink trunks guy (Jonatan Quintero)

Wandering guy forgot his clothes

Bodybuilder waiting at the bar

Austian guy

Prague Bodybuilder 2016

43 New Hampshire 2014 results

Deviant Otter - SHADY FUCKERS

I've had a major crush on Sean Duran since I saw him at the gym when I first moved to Florida. Physically he is my ideal man to fuck; built, covered in tattoos, furry, and looks like he could be up anyone. I have to admit I was a bit intimated when he first showed up because I've been jerking off to this guy for almost a year, and here he is in my house! But it was pretty easy to lose my jitters once started worshiping and sucking my balls. From then on out I was feeling my deviant, rough self and banged him out every way I had imagined. This guy is such a stud, on and off camera, and I cannot wait for seconds...or thirds, I'm greedy.

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BadBoysBootCamp.com - Cream On The Table Part 1

The two boys meet and soon the hugs turn into helping each other out of their clothes. Soon it's all about hard cocks and deep throats. A great start to an exciting series!

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UK Naked Men - Jerry Kaytton & Paul Ryan

Its time for Paul Ryan to explore his daddy issues, and who better to 'explore' with than sexy, rough 'n' ready daddy - Jerry Kaytton. You know you're in strong firm hands with Jerry around. Paul is a very eager exhibitionist and a committed bottom with a taste for daddies and their big, uncut cocks and better still, this little ho-boy takes it raw. Paul's on his knees to worship daddy's meat, within seconds, sucking on that pole like its his last meal and Jerry's feeling the luv as we can see by his bulging, throbbing uncircumcised meat. But daddy knows he's gonna have it to take it nice and easy with his unexperienced pup, he lets Paul lower himself onto that glowing helmet and unfurling foreskin. And when that cute little spunk-bucket gets himself good and comfortable - sexy papa fucks the living beejezus out of his juicy hole! and that lucky little lad is gonna be on the bus with a comforting ache and a wet patch in his pants!

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