Wednesday, July 5, 2017

ACTIVEDUTY - Quentin Gainz, Ryan Jordan & Princeton Price

I hope you are ready for a Fourth of July celebration with Quentin, Ryan and Princeton. These three are the best veterans to date and they bring the sexy, pounding, sweaty, fun and cum galore with a great 3 way bang. These three soldiers are really good friends and you can see it as they have fun laughing and enjoying each other to the fullest. We wanted to spice things up so we decided to have them play a quick game of twister to find out who will get loads of cum blasted on to their face. They've got their cowboys hats ready and they drop their drawers and the game begins. They get all twisted up and just can't stop laughing and before you know it Ryan falls on his ass and loses the game. Quentin and Princeton can't wait to bust their nuts on his face. They all gather up on the bed and begin to blow each other. It's a spin wheel type of look as they are all intertwined with each mouth filled with hard dick. They are all gagging and spitting while deep throating one another. What better way to celebrate our independence with these three hunks taking turns fucking their holes. It's an orgy of sorts as they keep switching off from one hole to the next having as much laughs and pleasure as possible. Their balls are built up to the max as each one has fucked the other but Ryan lost the game of twister so he lies on his back as Quentin and Princeton stroke their huge loads out all over Ryan's awaiting face. The cum drenches his face as Ryan continues to beat his hard dick until finally his nut explodes all over his chest.Enjoy!

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Blonde bottom boy Levi Stone is a 19 year old from Britain. This boy wants to get fucked! Enjoy!

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Young Bastards - Mathieu Ferhati fucks Doryann in the ring

The toughest test for Mathieu will be to face boxer Doryann in a fight-club atmosphere where he is ambushed in a warehouse by a gang of vicious, hooded dudes. The fight quickly evolves into a masculine domination ritual of a special kind…

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With a house full of stuff to pack up, Ethan Slade decides to take a break from all the moving. As moving buddy Jackson Traynor returns to the house from running a supply errand, he finds Ethan on the sofa, pants down to his ankles, dick shamelessly on hard in his hands. Questioning his motives, Jackson asks Ethan what's so important that he can't wait. Ethan shows Jackson what he's jacking off to and Jackson agrees it's a nice ass, and decides to join him. Moments later, Jackson realizes he's stroking his cock looking at a guy's ass, and Ethan quickly goes for the close, telling Jackson it's fine, and dialing up some straight porn for him to look at while Ethan begins to suck him off. Jackson admits it's kind of weird but goes with it, and is quickly rewarded when Ethan turns out to give great head, deep throating Jackson in a manner which he's never experienced with a woman. Jackson seems onboard, so Ethan asks him to return the favor, and it turns out that the straight boy is a fast study, quickly figuring out how to give a good blow job. With both guys rock hard, Ethan decides to mount Jackson, riding his cock reverse as he shows off his own nice ass. Jackson agrees it's even nicer than the one in the porn, and Ethan takes this vote of confidence as a free pass to have his way with the straight boy cock inside of him, so he rides it to his heart's content before telling Jackson to bend him over and pound the cum out of him. Jackson does as he's told, long dicking Ethan as he bends over the side of the sofa, before flipping him back over and fucking him until he spits his load all over his chest. Jackson pulls out and blasts Ethan in the face with his load as Ethan smiles and tells him he did a pretty good job for a straight boy, but maybe he could use a few more reps. Jackson smiles at that thought. Enjoy!

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