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Arnold Classic Europe 2013

Undressed fitness competitor

Chileans Backstage Bodybuilders from Muscle Spirit

Lochlin Gannon

Bodybuilder weigh in Kielce 2016

George Retsinas

Red and blue

Polish guy tanning

Jason Sparks Live - Spencer Daley & Brogan Reed BAREBACK in Chicago

Jobs. Most of us have them and a lot people think they suck. The latest JasonSparksLive model Spencer Daley thought his job sucked and so he thought he'd take one of his great passions - public sex and join the Nationwide bareback tour to see where it would take him! And the sucking part is good here!

In his debut it takes him into bed with muscle hunk Brogan Reed. It's a hot place to start as his creamy white skin rubs against Brogan's tanned, muscled physique. Brogan sucks on Spencer's meaty cock and then Spencer blows Brogan.

Brogan is hard and horny and Spencer's on all four getting fucked like there is no tomorrow. Spencer blows a huge load all over his creamy white abs while Brogan buries one deep inside his ass.

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Amato is hairy and manly from head to toe. After a wild night he wakes up with an erection in his Berlin apartment. Because wanking alone is boring, he calls a buddy to help him in his horniness. While listening to his buddy's hot words, he jerks his cock and massages his hairy asshole with his fingers. Slowly The Rosette awakens and calls for more action. He spits on his finger and pushes them into the channel. Now his cunt becomes more greedy. Amato goes to all fours and alternately pushes the fingers deep into his hole. After the butt has been extended, it is time for the black dildo, which has long been waiting for it's turn to penetrate the horny man. The toy is in ass and the pig fucks the cunt wide open until the fat sperm sauce squirts out of the beaten rod.

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Austin Wolf is training Johnny V and Jeremy Spreadums at the gym. He has them doing all the regular things to stay in shape like climbing rope, doing chin-ups and lifting weights. Austin pats them on the ass with every good rep. All the physical contact and exposed muscles gets the threesome ready for fun and they peel off their shirts as they kiss and feel each other's boners through their gym shorts. Jeremy can't take the suspense of what the other cocks must taste like and he gets on his knees to suck off his two gym buddies. He takes turns slurping on each of their growing cocks and gets the guys ready for more action. Austin is horny as hell and wants to explore more of what Jeremy has to offer. Austin has Jeremy bend over, and like a true trainer, tells Jeremy what to do as he fingers and licks his client's fuzzy hole. Jeremy gets on the ground and spreads his legs wide open to let both Johnny and Austin rim his ass. Once the guys have Jeremy's hole nice and opened up with their tongues and fingers, Austin crams his thick cock inside Jeremy's back door. Johnny doesn't want to be left out of the fun and takes his turn with Jeremy when Austin steps aside to let him have a turn. The muscle studs tag team Jeremy's asshole as they pile drive the young jock. Johnny hops in the middle of the sandwich to fuck Jeremy as he gets his hole plunged from his trainer. The three horndogs form a chain with Johnny in the middle getting the best of both worlds until all three are ready to blow. Jeremy lies on the ground with the two other studs above him. Johnny lets loose and drains his balls all over his buddy, slathering his nipples with cum. The trainer is the next to go and lets loose all over Jeremy's face before Jeremy finally gives himself the go ahead to get the relief he needs all over his own muscled-up body. The three spent hunks writhe on the floor with their cocks dripping as they kiss and bask in the afterglow of the benefits of a healthy workout.

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As new homebuyer Ty Thomas monitors his moving company, he notices one guy seems to be doing all the work. Checking him out, Ty likes the way Donovan Kane looks in his coveralls and appreciates the hard work Donovan is putting forth. They start to talking and Ty tells Donovan that he could use a good worker like him, asking him if he'd like to double his salary by quitting the moving company and working for him. Donovan is intrigued and asks Ty what sort of jobs he has in mind. With that, Ty moves closer to give Donovan a hands on demonstration of the duties he'd be expected to perform, and true to his instinct, Donovan turns out to be not only willing, but also very able, taking Ty's cock deep into his mouth as he sucks his new boss off. Ty realizes he's made a good choice when Donovan turns around and offers up his ass to Ty. Ty plunges his raw cock deep inside his new employee, fucking him from behind as they lean against the garage. Ty sits down and bounces Donovan on his dick before laying him out on a flattened box and fucking the cum out of him, pulling out and blasting his hole with his load before shoving it back inside, giving his new employee a nice and formal breeding initiation. Enjoy!

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Hey Troops,Today we have a very sexy young man who is only 21 but stands a very tall 6 foot 2 and weighing in at 185lbs of sexy lean muscle. Damien likes to hang out at the gym working on his sexy body and he loves to go hiking on any new trails that he can find. He's an avid outdoorsman and you won't catch him being lazy sitting on his couch playing video games but you can catch him here with us stroking his nut out for you.Damien may seem like the shy type but his cock doesn't shy away from the camera as it grows to a very sexy length that any vet would love to deep throat. His quiet demeanor and slight moans while tugging away on his cock will make your dick twitch.He is one tall man as Claude gets a great view from underneath showing us just how tall he is while seeing his big dick being stroked. His massive long and very sexy legs are a beauty to look at. He has some golden fur that will drive you crazy as he builds his nut up.His big dick looks really tasty as he strokes every last inch of it up and down. He glances at the camera only a few times but his innocent look with that dick in his hands is what will get you off. I really hope he comes back and wraps those sexy legs around a horny vet of ours.We are going to have to put his cum shot in the books for the most amazing blast of nut we have ever seen here at AD. Damien builds his balls up until he explodes out of his dick with long shoots of cum one after the other all over himself. He drenches his whole chest in cum and even amazes himself at the load he just released. Enjoy !

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