Thursday, July 13, 2017


The jack’d Nick Cross joins Rocco
Steele in this electrified dungeon and we all know that no man runs away
from daddy. Rocco uses anything to get into that tight ass, wetting his
hole deep with fingers, tongue, and spit. Nick accepts his fate and the
deeper Steele goes, the more this bottom moans. A good top isn’t
afraid to use some force and Cross is no exception, demanding he backs onto
each inch while still pounding mercilessly. Rocco doesn’t let up on
this boy and as a reward for his training, the boy gets bred. Every man
succumbs to his cross to bear!

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Jason Sparks Live - Stranger Things - A XXX Parody

Luke Hudson finds some strange lights and letters on the wall - what can it mean? Through the wall comes the monster - or at least the monster cock of Zack Grayson. "I'm the demogorgon or something - Let's fuck!" he yells.

This monster cock is huge and hard as rock as Luke lies back and deepthroats it's inches. It's then Zack's turn to use his lips and tongue to flick and lick and titillate Luke. The two moan as the heat rises.

Zack's massive bare cock enters Luke and he is in pure ecstasy. Utilizing every inch of the couch to fuck in position after position - this otherworldly encounter is the hottest thing you'll see all year.

Zack blows his load all over Luke's abs and leaves to do 'demogorgon stuff'. Luke is left wondering what just happened ...

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In the new video at, Paul is a bit of an unknown quantity for Rose. She had briefed all her other staff on what would be required of them for the luncheon - but it never occurred to her to include Paul. His important role meant he was never available for any of her training sessions. In fact, she's never even seen him naked! She wonders if she has the strength of character to get him to do her bidding.

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Video selection for July, 13

Cockyboys - Jacen Zhu & Jack Hunter Flip-Fuck

It's clear from their chat that Jack Hunter and Jacen Zhu REALLY like each other and did so before they met and spent some time together in Montreal. They take their time making out and undressing each other until Jack boldly makes it known he wants Jacen's ass. Jacen complies and bends over as Jack rims his bubble butt, virtually making love to it. In response Jacen moans continuously, only stopping once when in the mirror he sees Jack get naked and reveal his big cock and low hangers. Jack resumes tonguing Jacen's hole and soon his rapidly hardening cock is demanding attention.

Jack stands in front of Jacen who unhesitatingly takes his cock and sucks every inch of the veiny shaft as well as devoted oral attention to his egg-sized balls. Jack lets him know how well Jacen is doing and adds more excitement level by face-fucking him, playing with his ass and taking a few glances in the mirror. Jacen wants AND gets his turn as he leans back and Jack sucks him with increasing passion. Before long they're standing in front of each other stroking their cocks and teasing their audience as to who will be fucked first. It's Jack who asks for it first ...but not before Jacen gets his turn at rimming and teasing him.

Jacen fucks Jack from behind in the role of verbal power top, only slowing down as Jack lies over the sofa arm for a semi-piledriver topping. They clearly enjoy the acrobatic-level sex but soon it's time for Jacen to get his eagerly anticipated fucking. He bounces on top of Jack's towering cock until Jack reclaims control and fucks Jacen on his back. Totally focused on each other, Jack grinds into Jacen who blurts out he's going to cum milliseconds before a volcanic load of cum erupts from his cock and orgasmic whimpers erupt from his lips. Jack follows with his own thick load which almost completely coats Jacen's pubes. They end their scene as they began it with deliciously sensual kissing. Yes, they REALLY like each other.

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