Wednesday, July 19, 2017

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At, prisoner Bob "Flossy" Smith is feeling cocky as it's finally the day he's due to be released. He can't wait to be freed from this grubby hellhole with its leering guards and his bolshy roommate Welch. But some will be sorry to lose Smith's pretty arse. The guards control the prisoners with an iron grip and they do take a handful whenever and with whomever they please.

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LeakedAndLoaded - Seth Knight and 2 hot guys(2017_07_12_16_17_33)

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So thank the porn
gods of technology because I thought this wasn’t even recorded! Per
usual I had a few drinks before turning on the camera when I was filming
with Mason a few weeks back. Well after I busted my nut in him, the other
guys in the house, my bud Owen and my boyfriend, needed to get their nuts
off too. I didn’t even think this was recorded, but my man found it a
couple days ago in his cloud. He told me that I kept yelling at him to keep
the phone recording, so brownie points for him! I can’t tell you if
I’m filming or who is because we were all hammered, and by all I mean
mostly me, but we all took turns on Mason and filmed him up good.
It’s so nice having such willing and able friends!

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Damien pulls out his long dildo and soon introduces it into Devin's arse. He groans and moans as the dildo goes further and further up his arse. Finally he starts to enjoy the penetration and gets hard showing his true colors. There is a lot of dildo buried in his arse at the end!

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