Tuesday, July 25, 2017

RusCapturedBoys - In July in RCB Dungeon there are three captives

The Guilty Guard,
Who was punished for drinking vodka being on duty.

Captured Kickboxer Semen,
Who’s been captured right at training time.

Skinny Captive To Buy,
Who should pass through preliminary examination on tolerance to pain.

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Billy enters with the cool confidence of a hypersexual dude who can’t wait to make his next porn film. He enjoys the challenge, pushing his boundaries and gets more creative with every sexual escapade. Coming from a small town, Billy finds his dirty adventures when he travels out to the cities where he can make every pervy fantasy he’s been harbouring come true. Before he’s even got his clothes back on after the audition we already start planning the filthy scenes we can cast him in. This is a very promising find!

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The guys are all sitting around watching TV and just hanging when the pizza man (Tony) shows up. No one has money for the pizza, so as a compromise Tony just wants some dick.

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While Kory Houston is creeping in Jaxton Wheeler's room he starts jerking off to the thought of fucking Jaxton. In the middle of his jerking off session Jaxton happens to walk in and catch him. He is extremely turned on and decides to give him a hand. He then he gives him his mouth, ass and cum. All of Kory's jerking off fantasies just became a reality!

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