Saturday, July 29, 2017


Every once in a while Rocco shoots a scene
that is not only effortless, it's so real that he literally just turns on
the camera and things start to happen. Aarin Asker, a sexy tatted stud, is
one of those models that was able to do that. Rocco knows he's in for a hot
time as soon as this stud starts showing off his beautiful hairy hole. He
wasted no time with foreplay and just went straight for his hungry hole.
What follows is some of the most passionate real nonstop fucking. They
could not get enough of each other - Rocco moved into almost every position
imaginable just so he could get more and more of Aarin's amazing ass. As
Rocco lay on top of him, pounding away, his hole felt so incredible Rocco
couldn't hold back any longer and blew inside Aarin, flooding his guts with
daddy seed. Exhausted from this marathon fuck, Rocco and Aarin just laid
there kissing, sweat dripping from their bodies.

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What a sorry state of affairs this is. Not only is this guy bang to rights he also has to be stripped totally naked and inspected by the officers. He stands there nude and awkward, riddled with shame and humiliation as the men take a close look at his cock and plumbs. They make him pull his dick skyward so they can have a really good look at his large gonads. A full bush of pubes is on display so the guards make sure nothing is hiding there with a torch...

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FISTING TWINKS - Seth Tyler & Dane Metal Punishing Dane's Balls & Hole

Heavy metal lover Dane was a little too shy to take off his mask for this session, but it was more than worth it to get him on camera! He's got a big cock and huge balls and Seth Tyler makes sure to abuse those balls plenty before lubing up Dane's hole. Dane has been into fisting for about ten years and he's taken fists elbow deep before, so he handles Seth's big fist nicely!

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Mark Foxx is an old school German boy. Blonde, hairless, muscular and a real pig.
During rides with his motorbike, he regularly gets horny. He stops somewhere in nature to let his lust run wild.
Most of the time he wears his metal cockring which is also dildo. While on his bike the streets rattles the metal and excites the velvety cunt and gives him cascades of horniness at every turn.
Even today. He leans against an old building, spreads his legs and strokes his fingers over the cold metal in his ass. When he turns around, you finally see his fat cock getting beaten. But before he jerks off he pulls on the leather gloves. Nothing makes the pig as very hot as leather on his skin. Although the cameraman has the rule of not touching the pig, he spits in his mouth to show him where it belongs.
At the climax, Mark squirts the slimy sperm on his leather divide.

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