Wednesday, August 2, 2017

LeakedAndLoaded - Armond Rizzo is just getting warmed up

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At, big meaty tattooed inmate Welsh is all swagger in the jailhouse corridors. But now that he's been cornered naked the pervy guard and his cellmates are determined to get their revenge on him. They make him crawl around on all fours while using his arse and get a buzz from manipulating him into growing a stiffy. This tough cunt is humiliated and turned into the prison bender spilling his semen on the grimy toilet room floor.

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BOYNAPPED - Mickey Taylor & Tyler Underwood Mickey Demanded That Hung Jock To Play With

When Mickey found out about Tyler and saw his big uncut cock and hot jock arse for the first time he demanded that the lad be roped into a swing for him to play with. We couldn't wait to see him using that hole and Tyler's long cock, so of course we made it happen. The handsome and buff hunk was soon naked, arse up for Mickey to use, his cock drooling as Mickey wanked and sucked him. It was that cock in his hole and the vibrating wand on his helmet that finally made the big guy squirt, and he soon got a tasty reward from Mickey too!

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The brutal flogging continues, Dirk's back already soaked with alcohol. The flogger hits until he is laughing maniacally through the pain.

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