Saturday, August 5, 2017 - Spencer & Logan in Louisville

Everyone meet Logan Philips. Logan is a hot guy we discovered on our travels and wanted to try being filmed - and he loved it!

Logan kisses Spencer with deep passionate intensity - their hands feeling each other's bodies as their tongues explore each other's mouths. Spencer then puts his tongue to work on Logan as he licks and sucks making Logan moan "Spencer oh yeah".

Spencer then gets to be the one who's moaning as Logan puts his mouth to work again. But Logan wants to feel Spencer deep inside of him and Spencer wants to bare fuck him.

It's a great introduction to for Logan and we hope to see him back again real soon!

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Landon's big cock is looking for a mouth and an ass that can take its enormity. Blake manages to deep throat the thick beast without a problem and after Landon lubes up his ass with spit and his tongue - Blake gets every inch of it deep inside. Landon may look like a sweet guy but he pounds Blake's ass mercilessly until his huge cock blows.

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Dale Cooper is a thinking man's porn star.
And his intelligence is a huge turn on for this daddy. In this steamy
video, Dale and Rocco explore each other with their mouths, Dale on Rocco's
cock and Rocco on his beautiful furry ass. Then the toys comes out and Dale
literally sends Rocco into convulsions as he relentlessly pumps Rocco's
cock. Then on to some pretty amazing hardcore ass pounding!

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SPRITZZ - Study My XL Boner Instead, Dude

Studying can get really hard for some students, but it’s even harder for their boyfriends who have to share the bed with a bunch of books. Tom Nutt, a slim twink isn’t having it though and peels his partner’s underwear down to distract him from schoolwork with an expert blowjob. It doesn’t take long for academia to be the last thing on these horny dudes’ minds and they trade handjobs and slurp on each other’s stiff cocks, the muscly Adam Torres getting his hole rimmed and fingered open before it gets packed with Tom's rigid cock.

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