Thursday, August 10, 2017

Island Studs - Hot Duo Action! AcroYoga Nude!: Giant 6'4" Daddy Bain and Cute Young 5'5" Connor are BACK!

Two beautiful, wildly contrasting athletic bodies are BACK! Tall Oregon Firefighter Bain, 31, 6'4", 204 lbs holds and instructs Cute Little Backpacker Connor, 18, 5'5", 130lbs, in a powerful Man vs. Boy full contact Naked Acroyoga Session: first in tight black yoga gear, before they strip down to sexy white jock straps and finally fully nude with ball sacks and cocks dangling in the open air as Big Bain supports and holds tiny Connor tightly in this Exclusive new video from Island Studs! Bearded brawny muscle jock Bain and soft spoken backpacker boy Connor are back in this first ever video of sweaty nudist Acroyoga workout session: stretching, posing, balancing, holding hands and doing hand stands fully nude for each other and the very first time together on video for Island Studs, beside a Mountain Forest in Oregon. This is awesome sweaty Man Boy Action Outdoors! Ripped Mountain Man Bain is the very tall, bearded, Lumberjack from Oregon and certified Yoga Instructor with an amazing big muscle butt, full bush of soft dick hair, naturally furry chest and belly who lifts Connor's light body fully nude into the air with his powerful arms while his hairy balls dangling between his thick thighs as he lays on a large yoga mat outside in the Hot Oregon summer sun. This gentle giant shows Connor how to balance on his powerful hands and thick thighs in this intimate new video of athletic trust and male bonding! Check out Big Bain's HOT solo jo session and pounding Football Nude Duo with Bodybuilder Baker, available now on Island Studs. Now he is paired up with a shy High School Grad for good contrast! Connor, the beautiful organic boy hitchhiking around America from his home in Pennsylvania got his amazing round furry butt from years on the High School Cross Country Track and Lacrosse teams! Ass lovers will appreciate Connor's furry white boy butt in contrast to Bain's giant smooth white muscle man booty! Don't miss Connor's first ever playful, cum filled jerk off video for Island Studs, available now, filmed when he was backpacking around the Islands after his High School Graduation. Both of these guys love being naked outdoors! Listen to Connor tell the story of how is was actually PICKED UP by Bain on a country road in Oregon while hitch hitching across America! Imagine seeing gentle giant Bain in his truck pulling over to give sweet Backpacker Connor a lift! What I site indeed! Would you pick up cute Connor on the side of the road if you saw him with his thumb out? It was during their ride together, they discussed work and discovered they are BOTH current Island Studs! Bain immediately contacted us and suggested a Duo with his new buddy, Connor! Watch how sweetly Giant Bain instructs cute Connor in every move of full man to man contact in this exciting Acroyoga video! This video is priceless. Join Today to see all the intimate and sweaty full contact of this Boy and Daddy, Acroyoga session. Instant Access Now!

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Maverickmen Directs - BIG MUSCLE PUMP AND FUCK

Yes! We have another
big, thick, and meaty man-on-man fuck vid for all you little muscle
piggies. We paired up massive muscle stud Steve with hotter otter muscle
pup, Max. When Max first laid his eyes on Steve’s bulging physique,
he told us that he had to do a gym shoot with him. After the boys got their
pump and sweat on, they couldn’t contain themselves and they had to
get to ass eating and cock sucking right there in the gym. We pushed them
into the sauna where they went into full on fuck mode. We love boys that
get their gym swell on before they lay the pipe. Woof!

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With massage stud Markie More on his way over for a private session, Allen Lucas takes the time and effort to rig his room up with cameras. Allen figures he may as well capture this experience for posterity, and figures he'll have to be secretive about it, and begins to devise a scheme to seduce Markie, but as soon as he undresses and stretches out on Markie's table, he realizes that Markie is very open to extra curricular activity, and that he even is open to filming it. Allen asks Markie if he minds having his dick played with, and Markie goes a step further, shoving it in Allen's mouth and letting him suck him off. Allen obliges, and pretty soon Markie is hard as a rock. Allen asks him if he'll eat his ass, and Markie explains that service isn't usually included in the massage, but since Allen's ass is particularly nice, Markie decides to do it anyway. He moves around and tongue fucks Allen's hole, before sliding up and working his cock deep inside. Allen whips out his phone and asks Markie to film it, and Markie obliges, getting good shots of his cock pounding Allen's ass. Markie flips Allen over onto his back and continues to fuck him dry, as Allen spits his load all over himself before telling Markie to cum on his face. Markie pulls out and hoses Allen down, blasting his face with his load and covering him with cum before the two of them make their way to the shower, where, unfortunately, Allen neglected to set up more cameras. Maybe next time he'll rig the whole house. Enjoy!

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Our cameraman is always on the lookout for new potential talents. This time, he encountered young Marty as he was leaving the grocery store. We gently offered him money so we could have a look at his young muscular body. After a few minutes of negociation, he agreed as long as he wore the mask. So they went to our storage garage nearby and started taking pictures. The old concierge was a few meters away, painting the outside of the garage, which added to the excitement. Marty started stripping and his cock got stiffer and stiffer as our cameraman was taking pictures from every possible angles. We think the old concierge took a peek during our recording but we're not totally sure. One thing is certain, Marty is a very promising pornstar. Hope you'll like him as much as we did!

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