Saturday, August 12, 2017

Check out the amazing body of this handsome young guy who doesn't realise that I'm filming him through a tiny hole in the wall of this shower room. He has a very spreadable pair of buttocks and totally suckable dick as well. I like watching his mate as wells - especially hot is when he starts to do a long piss, ignoring the complaints of the other lads in there with him.

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BOYS AND THE CITY - Casper Ellis, Cameron James & Luke Vogel Does The Apartment Come With Twink Cock?

The impressive city apartment comes with something extra! Luke is showing young Casper around a possible new home when they open a bedroom door and discover sexy young Cameron busy with his cock! Needless to say, this is a very thorough showing, all the features of this impressive home deserve to be enjoyed on the first visit, including Cameron's hard young cock, hungry mouth and tight little ass! Lucky Casper goes first, fucked by Luke while sucking on Cameron, then it's the sweet tenants turn as he gets between Luke and Casper to take a boner in both ends. Laying back to take their sticky loads Cameron gets a splashing from his two new friends, which soon has him erupting too! If the apartment comes with that sexy twink I think Casper will be signing on the dotted line before he leaves.

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