Sunday, October 8, 2017


Andy is busy giving Arny a nice relaxing massage when he notices how good his ass looks in his briefs. He is quick to pull them aside and really get busy with Arny's hot body.

Actors : Andy A, Arny Donan

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Pheonix is stretching on a mat in the locker room getting ready for his workout when Chris walks in. Chris immediately takes notice of Pheonix and as he is stretching his big cock falls out of the side of his shorts. Of course this entices Chris even more and soon he is offering to help Pheonix stretch. As he hands wander up his leg, Chris grabs hold of Pheonix's massive cock and starts stroking it as it grows in his hand. He is soon sucking the big cock and doing his best to take as much as possible. Pheonix stands up and face fucks Chris and with each thrust we hear Chris gagging and chocking a little bit. Pheonix then pulls Chris up and they drop their clothes. Pheonix sucks Chris for a while before moving his tongue over to his beautiful hairy ass. After rimming him, he lies down and Chris lowers himself inch-by-inch down Pheonix's massive cock. Once he is used to it, he rides it like a champ and then Pheonix starts pounding his hole deeper and deeper. Now Chris's hole is as stretched as Pheonix is for his workout. He fucks the cum out of Chris and then blows his own load onto Chris.

Actors : Chris Harder, Pheonix Fellington

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As Lucas Vick lay asleep on his bed, John Joseph assumes he has tapped out from drinking, and takes the opportunity to sneak a feel of Lucas' manly body, as he runs his hand up and down Lucas' chest. Thinking he might just take a peek a Lucas' cock, he slowly removes his shorts and exposes Lucas' member, taking it delicately into his mouth and beginning to lightly tongue at it. Little does he know, Lucas is wide awake, and when he catches John in a compromised position, John apologizes, but Lucas lets him know the important thing now is that he finishes what he started, so John dives back into giving head, now with much more determination and enthusiasm. He sucks Lucas until he's nice and hard, and then Lucas returns the favor as John strokes his cock, keeping him hard for what comes next. Lucas bends John over and gives slips his hard dick deep inside John's hole, bareback fucking him from behind. John realizes reality exceeds his fantasies as he takes every inch of Lucas' hard cock, before flipping over onto his back to finish. He strokes himself off as Lucas continues to fuck him hard, spitting his load onto his chest as Lucas looks on. Ready to drop his load, Lucas tells John to flip over one more time, and when he does, Lucas fucks John doggy style until he's ready to burst, pulling out just enough to blast John's freshly fucked hole with his nut, before shoving it back in and breeding his buddy nice and proper.Enjoy!

Actors : John Joseph, Lucas Vick

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GuysinSweatpants - JUDAS POUNDS AUSTIN

It's been quite some time since Austin has
only wanted to get fucked by one of my models instead of sliding his big
dick in them too. But when he saw Judas' chiseled bod and eagerness to fuck
him, he was all about it. After some fun out in the woods with the other
guys, they hit the sheets. Judas has an oral fixation, and Austin's huge
dick wasn't complaining as he worshipped every inch of it. Licking.
Sucking. Smelling. If you love kissing, you'll already love this because
their passion and kissing is almost as hot as the fucking. Almost. Judas
spit on his dick, and slid it in Austin's hole.... inch by inch until he
was balls deep. You know a bottom is enjoying it when he throws his hands
behind his head, and lets his top have his way with his hole. Not to
mention getting fucked doggystyle, and literally pulling his top towards
him to go deeper. Judas eventually busted his load all over and in Austin's
ass, only to continue fucking and jerking Austin's load out!

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