Thursday, October 12, 2017

Maverickmen Directs - MIDNIGHT SUCKFEST

This is a very
special video that's near and dear to our cocks. Hunter and I are huge fans
of oral sex and we often times host a late-night suck fest to wrap-up a big
shoot. This is one of the hottest MaverickMenDirects after hours party
we’ve ever seen. You’ll love watching these sexy boys make out,
spank ass, eat ass, and deep throat lots of cocks. And there’s TONS
of cum shots! I love it because it shows you how much fun our shoots can
be. We’ve collected a few late night after hour videos like this, so
stay tuned!

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In the new video at, totally trussed up, there's nothing Matteo can do to defend himself. His penis and testicles hang limply between his legs and the sound of the women's mocking laughter rings in his ears. He still thinks there's a chance he can talk his way out of this - to make a deal with Belinda. Little does he realise just how extreme the videos she makes are - and how thoroughly debased he's going to be...

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AndysAussieBoys - Steve & Brayden

Steve is on the floor with Brayden positioned on top of him giving him mouth to mouth. Well that's what it looks like but he's really trying hard to get into Steve's pants. Long haired twink Steve doesn't need a hell of a lot of convincing and rips off Brayden's shorts and starts sucking his cock. He then takes his own off and shoves his cock down Brayden's throat. Soon Brayden is on all fours with Steve's cock in his ass - his joy is insurmountable. As is Steve's who cums all over his tight ass!

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YOUNG BASTARDS - In This Workspace, No-One Can Hear You Scream

Damien Ryder needs a butt to fuck, so he's captured innocent Alex Silvers. Alex is tied and helpless as he is shoved to the warehouse floor. Damien grabs Alex’ hair, thrusts his hips and rams his rigid dick into the lad‘s mouth, right down to the back of his throat. But a suck job is not enough. He pushes Alex over a chair, slaps his ass, spits in his asshole and gets it ready for a bare drilling. Alex yells as his virgin butt is pierced, but it’s pointless. In this workspace, no-one can hear you scream.

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Fuck Me Silly Part 1 - Cliff Jensen | Ethan Slade - DMH - Drill My Hole

Ethan moves in on a frustrated Cliff when he discovers Cliff and his boyfriend are in a tiff. Cliff takes advantage of Ethan’s willing hole and busts his heavy load all over him.

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