Saturday, October 14, 2017

RusCapturedBoys - Currently in RCB Dungeon there are five captives

Especially Dangerous Criminal

Especially Dangerous Criminal who imprisoned in RCB Jail hardly survived his nipples' torture day during which he experienced nipples piercing for the first time in his life.

Bearded P.O.W.
Punishers from RCB according their own interrogation techniques gradually increased the painfullness of tortures for captured Bearded Soldier – the Prisoner of War.

Bully Guy Vitaliy
RCB’s assistants found an interesting specimen of muscular suburbian bully Vitaliy and captured him for tortures. Of course, Vitaliy met the high requirements for body type and appearance which RCB’s established for their models. RCB guys will assign him punishments and monitor their execution with the help of hidden cameras.

Forgotten Slave
RCB’s Master have forgotten about one of his slaves. He was shackled all the time without any possibility to shave and to take a shower. Guards fed Forgotten Slave only plain food to support him alive. He ate not so much and thereby attract the attention of Guard who told about it with Master. The Master decided to call the Doctor. When Doctor came to check Slave's health he bit him. That was a terrible fault...

Slim and Pumped Guy DimaThe next tortures that RCB Master ordered his assistants to execute on Dima were bastinado and body clamps. To make the suffers of Dima more excruciated, Master asked the assistants to knock off the clamps with the whips...


Check out the amazing body of this handsome young guy who doesn't realise that I'm filming him through a tiny hole in the wall of this changing room. He has a very spreadable pair of buttocks and totally suckable dick as well.

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We got some new
pledges in this week. We’re gonna start with this Travis dude. He
will make a good house bitch. Might have to skip a few classes this week.
Somebody pass me my drink and that spit on that hole. We’re gonna
pound this pretty boy a new one.

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BOYS AND THE CITY - Jordan Downing & Jesse Magowan Army Boys Get Very Curious

Jordan has come prepared, some illicit pussy porn in his bag is gonna keep him company while he's away from base, but it turns out he's gonna get more than some convenient wank material from this skin mag! When his horny roommate Jesse finds it the boys are soon browsing, and all this horniness needs to go somewhere! Within minutes those big cocks are out of their uniforms and the boys are swapping their uncut boners, with Jesse showing that he knows how to treat a dick just like those girls in the pages of Jordan's magazine! It almost makes you want to join the army, right?

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