Tuesday, October 17, 2017


At TheCastingRoom.net sexy giant muscular demolition man Ken has the ideal attitude for wanting to become a porn star. He’s sexually voracious and gets a lot of it, but wants to indulge his kinkier side in professional videos. He has sex with both men and women because sexuality isn’t important to him; what matters is what will give him the best orgasm. What’s even hotter is that he’s built like a ton of bricks with a sexy gruff stare, tats and an arse you want to bury yourself in. Ken has a very promising future in the business.

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STRAIGHT NAKED THUGS - Devin Reynolds Jerking Off After A Week

Devin has been real busy at work lately and he hasn't been able to shoot any loads for a week. That's a real problem for a guy like him, he jerks off a couple of times a day usually, even when he's getting some pussy. His uncut cock is soon out and getting stiff in his hands, ready to be pleasured to a cum spewing finish that should have every one of you horny fuckers joining in with him. Believe me, when a boy is this horny almost anything is possible, we only wish we'd known so we could have teamed him up with another horny cock stroker!

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BadBoysBootCamp - It started with a kiss!

Axel and Brenden are just chilling out and what starts out as a tender kiss develops into some of the hottest sex around. The two boys can't get enough of each other. If they aren't swallowing each others tongues it is their cocks. Hard open air sex on a table and great cum shots!!

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