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Island Studs - Southern Furry Surfer Roose - Thick Blue Collar Cub Manhandles his Meat - 7 Ways and Explodes Big Load in Hawaii!

Roose, is a thick furry Blue Collar Surfer, who has lived in Hawaii for 10 years with a Big Wide Furry Man Ass and a full bush of untrimmed dick hair, who walks by the sea with this body board looking for waves, moons the camera outdoors wearing his baggy board shorts, shows off his sunburned back and wide feet, walks fully naked in the forest to the beach, spreads his hairy man butt wide open several times showing us is hairy hole while cleaning the kitchen naked on all fours, jerks is rock hard furry cock and pulls on this balls in 7 different awesome ways before busting a explosive messy load all over the floor while sitting in the kitchen, stands up as his fat beer can dick leaks more cum, and then takes a sexy shower opening his butt hole again and again in this Exclusive new video from Island Studs. Rooses body is an awesome Man Boy body: furry belly, thick waist with a fully bush of dick and ball hair leading down to super hairy legs, wide muscular man butt with a healthy tuff of butt crack hair between his white ass cheeks with the perfect patch of chest hair between his pecs and a thick, fat bullet cock hanging between his hairy thighs. 29 years old, 5'11 and a tanky 182 lbs, this handsome, rugged, polite, Southern Kentucky Boy moved to the Islands when he was just 21 years old to work construction jobs and do landscaping when he is not in the water surfing. Part Dutch, Irish, German and Native American this soft spoken Blue Collar Boy has a great ethnic mix! As Roose strips fully naked at a public surf beach and begins to jerk his cock, check out his a full bush of dick hair, big hairy ball sack and a very fat white cock as the sound of the waves crash in the background! Listen to him speak about his love for the sea and how he has always wanted to be filmed naked and jerking off on camera! This thick Man Boy surfs everyday when he is not working construction or mowing lawns for the landscaping company his works for. Image Naked Roose, fetching things for you while you watch his trim trees or mow your yard fully nude! Before stripping out of his board shorts outside in the breeze, Roose playfully moons us, revealing his solid hairy man butt. Once fully naked his starts to stroke his cock and then grabs his body board and walks to the beach fully nude and hard! In the Island Studs Naked Worker Series, I take horny Roose back to the beach house and put him to work cleaning the kitchen. Watching this furry surfer scrub the kitchen wearing only latex gloves is a naked house boy fantasy come to life! His heavy hairy balls hang down below his ass as he kneels on the floor and works. Feet Lovers will appreciate all the different shots and camera angles we film Roose's big hairy feet as he works in the Kitchen and sweats. Roose jerks his thick cock as he works. Keen to bust a nut, Roose show us ALL the different ways his jerks and strokes his throbber! Watch as the horny lad kneads his cock like bread flour, does the helicopter, side strokes his hard dick, hits it with his fist, double fists his dick with both hands, and slaps it hard like a bitch! This blue collar boy is so rough of his precious hairy cock! Sitting on a chair in the kitchen sweating, Roose spreads his legs wide open revealing his hairy boy hole yet again! Look at the 7 different way his manhandles his cock and balls as his strokes his stiff stick! There is alot of nut play in this video. Listen to this raw blue collar boy moan as he creams. Cum explodes out of this red hot hairy cock onto the kitchen floor between his big feet. Sweaty and spent, Roose stands up to show us all his jizz. Watch as cum continues to leak out of his throbbing cock as he walks to the shower. Roose gives us a sexy shower show as he soaps up his entire body and thick hairy ass. He raises his legs with his butt to the camera and scrubs his dirty feet with his nuts dangling between his hairy ass. He shoves his soapy hand into his firm virgin ass and cleans out his man hole! This is one hot shower scene!. Don't miss this hot, NEW barefoot Blue Collar Surfer boy and his fat dick and thick furry boy butt. Soft spoken Southern Kentucky Boy, Roose scrubbing the kitchen clear and manhandling his bushy dick is not to be missed. Join today to see the full naughty action. Instant Access now! Enjoy all of Hairy Roose!

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At, the filthy smooth-bodied exhibitionist has been caught doing what turns him on the most! Exposing himself in the filthy public toilets where anyone can catch him gives him a sexual high like no other. Luckily the raunchy vicar is here to give him a good lesson and two biker dudes that stop in for a quick piss want to see this perv be properly disciplined as well. There won't be one drop of urine left on their leather boots by the time they're through with him!

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About a block from his house, Connor Halsted notices a fine piece of ass walking on the side of the street, and when he stops, Logan Cross turns out to be too good to be true. Cute as ever and freshly naive, Logan is also currently without a place to crash, on account of his parents kicking him out. Connor eagerly invites Logan back to his place and once there, he tells Logan he's gonna rock his world. Ripping off his clothes, Connor bends Logan over and immediately begins to tongue his ass, plunging it deep into Logan's hole while he jerks himself hard. Logan is enjoying it but he lusts for Connor's cock, begging for him to fuck his virgin ass. Connor is more than willing, bending him over the fireplace and giving him a raw deep dicking from behind. Logan proves worthy and able as he takes every inch, even flipping Connor over and taking control, riding him til Connor is ready to burst. Throwing Logan onto the floor, Connor fucks the cum out of Logan before breeding his hole with his seed, nutting all over Logan as he shoves his rock hard cock back in for round 2.Enjoy!

Actors : Logan Cross, Connor Halsted

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As the three of them relax on the beach, Markie More catches a glimpse of a guy with a nice sized cock and asks his buddies Johnny Hill and Pheonix Fellington if they can see how big it is. Johnny is instantly impressed by what he sees, and remarks that Markie must be really horny to spot such a specimen from so far away. Pheonix is less impressed, and instantly draws skepticism from his two bros, who tell him his cock can't be as big as that. Markie, horny as ever, declares that there's only one way to solve this dilemma. With that, the three of them head back to their flat to have it out, and Pheonix and Johnny sit with legs spread, as Markie surveys the options in front of him. He quickly begins to service them both, and immediately he sees that both Pheonix and Johnny are packing some hefty weight inside their pants. Alternating between the two massive cocks in front of him, Markie gets them both nice and hard, deep throating Pheonix's python of a dick as Johnny plunges his meat stick deep into Markie's hole. Johnny fucks Markie bareback, getting him nice and ready for Pheonix, and once he's broken in, they flip around and Pheonix takes his ass for a ride, long dicking Markie's raw hole and filling him up. The two of them take turns abusing Markie's hole before Johnny spits his load all over Markie's chest. Markie rides Pheonix until he's ready to spit his load, letting it fall all over the floor as Pheonix pulls out and blasts Markie's hole with his massive nut, as the three of them fall into a giant cuddle puddle on the sofa. Enjoy!

Actors : Markie More, Johnny Hill, Pheonix Fellington

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