Sunday, October 22, 2017

It makes tough hetero punk Steve's stomach churn to think of men perving over him. Well here he is fully naked strung up to the ceiling with each limb tied in place. His skin crawls as we slide our hands over every surface getting our jollies off from his taut muscular body and his dangling nut sack. We can use his body in any way we please and the more he jerks his body away from us the more excited we are to have our way with him. With his nipples trapped in vicious clamps we order him to fuck Dave's hand. It's so hot seeing him go through the motions of how he fucks chicks with his bum clenching and his hips thrusting. But now we've seen him display how straights fuck we demonstrate how gays want to use his arse. His rump is tenderized with a good thrashing before one leg is strung up giving us full access to his hole. We pound into his sphincter and stretch it open with a fat dildo. With his tight virgin hole widened Adrian fucks him letting the bastard feel what it's like to have a hard dick pushing into his guts. Dave takes his turn next giving him a taste of what his life is going to be like from now on. He's been reduced to a back alley slut covered in spunk and men will line up around the block to bang his hot arse.

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BOYNAPPED - Aaron Aurora & Jack Taylor Owning His Slutty Little Fuck Hole

Aaron is nothing more than a slutty little twink hole that needs to be stuffed with big cock, but handsome and horny Jake plans to do a lot more. The boy has been stripped and roped up with his hole there and ready, resting on his shoulders in a perfect pile driving position. Handsome Jack dives in, eating the boys hole, then humiliating him by scribbling insults all over his back and butt cheeks. The plunging of a massive dildo stretches the boy's hole open, making it easier for Jack to stick his big uncut cock into that chute. That slippery hole gets a proper pounding before being splashed with cum and plugged that fat dildo once again!

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