Monday, October 23, 2017

Handsome cute Master Billy returns to really cause some serious damage to this pathetic worm.

First, he orders the sub to lick clean his armpits which are sweaty and smelly. Then he has his clothes stripped off and barks at this runt to lick clean his balls and then his shitty arsehole. The worm is powerless to prevent the Master's hole from encroaching on his tongue as the top receives a deep and satisfying rimming!

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Sneaky Slut - Ryan Bones | Jack Kross | Tobias James - STG - Str8 to Gay

Ryan catches his stepson Tobias in the act with Jack and decides to show them how to really slobber all over a cock.

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When Mark Long agreed to help his friend's brother, he had no idea Jake Ashford intended on repaying him like this, but as Jake wraps his lips around his giant cock, straight boy Mark decides he might as well enjoy the fringe benefit, and so he kicks back his head and savors Jake's technique as he deep throats every inch of Mark's dick. Mark is rock hard and Jake asks him if he wants to hit that ass. Mark responds by throwing him face down onto the bed and plunging his cock bareback into Jake's waiting hole. Fucking him all over the bed, Mark shows no mercy on Jake, and he loves every minute of it, taking the pounding and begging for more, until Mark can no longer contain himself, pulling out and jizzing all over Jake's face who downs the load and begs for more. As he swallows the last drop, Mark realizes what a great decision this turned out to be.Enjoy!

Actors : Mark Long, Jake Ashford

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