Friday, October 27, 2017

Side Piece Part 3 - Jimmy Durano | Max Wilde - STG - Str8 to Gay

Jimmy and his wife are having a quiet movie night when his side piece Max interrupts. Refusing to go away, Max comes up with an excuse to get in and manages to get Jimmy’s pants off in the other room.

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CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At, Bryan is buzzing with anticipation for wife Elaine to return home. He never knows what the evening will have in store. And tonight she's returned from shopping with her friend Catherine. As soon as they walk in there he is stark naked with his big fat cock and heavy balls in full view. He's at their service, but the domineering women are intent on mocking, humiliating and punishing this lowly creature.

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Take in a nice pig roast this week on
Leaked and Loaded! Killian James gives a hot beef injection and Beau Taylor
tastes a cummy hole. Billy's giving away FULL CLIPS this week.

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SPRITZZ - Pissing and Fucking

Flo and Tommy wander across an old factory site. They have a video camera with them and take it in turns to film the other one pissing. But that`s not enough for Flo. He quickly gets his cock out and makes Tommy suck him in front of the camera. To really humiliate him, he pushes his sweaty socks in his face and gets his feet licked before he finally fucks him.

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Top Up Down Bottom