Monday, October 30, 2017

At blue eyed kung fu instructor Ricky looks like a straight edge guy but these videos reveal what a nasty sex fiend he really is! His insatiable sexual appetite has led him to experience just about every variation of fucking with everyone possible. And who would turn down this hairy chested, masculine fucker with a good curve to his arse. He’s charmingly endearing during his fully naked physical as he is horny to look at. Ricky has an adaptability and burning sex drive that is ideal for this business!

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The Bayou Part 2 - Tobias | Damien Stone - DMH - Drill My Hole

Tobias finds himself tied up with bloody tarps everywhere. He manages to break loose and runs into Damien for help. Damien helps clean him up, with his hungry mouth.

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Jack has a beautiful smile that lures you in as he gets his cock nice and hard. Once his underwear drop we get to see his smoothly shaven cock and amazing body that is completely smooth all over and really not much hair at all. His balls look lovely as he tugs away on his hard shaft showing off his sexy cock. The main muscle Jack is playing with today is his hard cock and he can't get enough of it as he lets himself loose in the moment and enjoys masturbating in front of the camera for all to see. Finally, Jack has built his balls up enough that he can't hold his nut back any longer. He's kneeling on the couch with his legs spread stroking his hard cock and then he gives word and bams his nut comes gushing out with load after load being sprayed all over the black couch. Enjoy!

Actors : Jack Atlas

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It's finally time for Danny's big payoff. The intimacy between stepdad and stepson quickly turns to raw male carnage. Kristofer Weston the hot horny stepdad, takes stepsons cock deep down his throat. After eating his boys ass all the pent-up sexual longing comes to a head as stepdad and stepson take out all their frustrations on each other's bodies. Taking Daddy's load is Danny's job and he does his job perfect!

Actors : Danny Gunn, Kristofer Weston

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