Tuesday, October 31, 2017

RusCapturedBoys - Currently in RCB Dungeon there are five captives

Especially Dangerous Criminal

To execute the next day's punishments properly, especially dangerous criminal should be totally naked....

Bearded P.O.W.

Real soldiers can keep silence even being tied in spread eagled stress position and severely flogged on their torso with the horse whip. The next torture chosen by the interrogators was bastinado. But even this didn't make the Bearded P.O.W. talk. Anyway, his interrogation will be continued a little bit later in another torture chamber...

Bully Guy Vitaliy

The next assigned punishments for Vitaliy were torso and nipples' tortures. RCB assistants have perfectly executed the task and the Masters got real pleasure watching the tears of real pain from the other side of surveillance cameras!

Forgotten Slave

For the guilty slave there is nothing more horrible than an angry sadistic doctor who is very well versed in all kinds and shades of pain...

Slim and Pumped Guy Dima

On the final torments day Dima was subjected to water torture and vacuum electrocution on his chest and of course nipples. Despite Dima has honestly worked for the money that Masters paid him, they won't rush to let him go. His slim and fit body could endure more pain...

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The Bayou Part 3 - Paul Canon | Michael Roman | Damien Stone - DMH - Drill My Hole

Paul, Damien, and Michael conspire to use Tobias for gator meat. But first, they take care of their insatiable hunger to fill each other with their throbbing, needy cocks.

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At CMNM.net, all sorts of miscreants hang around the park's public toilet. It was only a matter of time before this straight laced businessman got caught. Whenever he's out of the office he enjoys exposing himself in this dank room that stinks of piss. Now he's getting the lesson he deserves, crawling naked on the filthy floor and grovelling at the tough bikers' boots. In this position his arse parts and his sphincter is dangerously exposed!

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NEXTDOORBUDDIES - Dakota Young & Lance Layd Get Lucky

When Dakota Young and newcomer Lance Layd get together, the affair is very soft spoken, but the chemistry is rock hard. Lance is hesitant at first, but he quickly warms up as Dakota wraps his lips around Lance's dick, coaxing it hard with his mouth as he deep throats Lance's increasingly harder cock. Lance becomes eager to return the favor, and Dakota quickly suspects this isn't his first time, or at the very least, Lance has spent some time thinking about it beforehand. He gives Dakota great head, and he's hard, ready and willing to do more, so Dakota bends over and Lance plunges his bare cock deep into Dakota's welcoming hole. Lance can't believe how tight Dakota feels, and Dakota loves how Lance's dick fills him up, so he tells Lance to fuck him harder. Lance does as he's told, pounding Dakota from behind before the move to the sofa and Dakota takes his turn being in charge, taking a nice spin on Lance's pole before letting Lance have his way with him. He lay back in and strokes himself as Lance fucks the cum out of him, pulling out and draining his cock onto Dakota's stomach, coating him the process. A fitting end to a great beginning.Enjoy!

Actors : Dakota Young, Lance Layd

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