Monday, December 4, 2017

Couples Massage Part 2 - Cliff Jensen / Ashton McKay / Beaux Banks - DMH

Cliff Jensen and Ashton McKay are out tossing a ball when Beaux Banks spots them and wants to toss more than a ball with Ashton. When Cliff steps away for a minute, Beaux swoops in to offer Ashton a private massage. Ashton happily agrees and Beaux gives him more than he bargained for. Not one to be left out, Cliff makes sure he gets a turn as well.

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Ropes and gags work well in commanding total submission, but there's nothing quite like feeling a stark naked enraged straight man trying to muscle away as you lock him in place against your body. Lee's arse rubs against Adrian's crotch as he struggles and Dave suspends his dick and balls to the ceiling. Now that he's fixed in place we lay into his vulnerable muscular body driving our fists into his gut and flogging his body and meaty package. Lee whimpers pathetically and collapses onto the filthy mattress. To make his beating stop he bends over and offers up his arsehole to our insatiable rage. We fuck his mouth and arse at the same time making him gag. Every muscle in his body strains in resistance but he daren't move because he knows the punishment he'll receive if he doesn't obey. Once he's been bathed in our cum he hopes he'll be left alone, but his lot in life is to remain on this mattress with his arse up ready to take any cock that wants to fuck him!

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BOYS AND THE CITY - Aiden Jason, Damian Boss & James Grant Military Man Gets Relief

We all know it happens, when you have horny guys together in the military it's inevitable that the power structure is manipulated for the benefit of those in charge. Damien is one such man, taking two of his sexiest young cadets out into the woods for some "special training". It's not as though Aiden and James really seem to mind, when his big uncut cock is revealed they're seemingly eager to suck! Soon enough the boy's are naked and obediently offering their tight little holes for his dick to slide into. You'll wish you were in the military when you see these two horny young guys being fucked and fed, ultimately leading to some rapid fire cum splashes!

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