Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Wrong Number - John Magnum / Jacob Peterson - STG

After a night of chatting it up with a beautiful girl, John Magnum decides to text the number she gave him for some after-hours action. The text goes to Jacob Peterson and he just can’t help playing along to get John for himself…

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At first appearances Tom is a lithe little thing that you just know would've tempted plenty of older men as he grew up. Like a jockey he is a smaller cute bloke just made to be picked up and passed around onto men's cocks. He'd moan as he got arse fucked for the first time and that would cause even more sperm to be unleashed up his back passage. Unsurprisingly this straight builder has found, now he is older and wiser, that having his arse penetrated ain't bad at all. We just have to work on the gender of who is doing the penetrating..

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JOE SCHMOE VIDEOS - Jay Bi Boy Bareback Butt Fuck

Sexy bi boy Jay is back to share that delicious dick with a willing friend, and Joe is loving every minute of it as they jerk and gobble on each other. His black dick soon finds that hot tight ass though and Jay gets a great raw fucking before the tables turn and Joe takes a ride. Some hot loads are jerked out by the end, splashing each other with semen!

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