Tuesday, December 12, 2017

RusCapturedBoys - Comming Soon at Ruscapturedboys!!!!!

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Deserving a thorough thrashing, this complaining, incarcerated sub is beaten mercilessly as Master Derek takes out his sexual frustration on him. Snarling Master Derek opens up his arsecheeks and demands to receive a deep rimming; the runt's tongue is forced deep into his hole.

Then, the top rams pieces of chocolate up his hole and pumps them out, directly into the sub's whimpering mouth. This vicious mistreatment destroys the sub who collapses exhausted and completely humiliated.

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Naked drug addict man in Omsk / Наркоман в Омске

В состоянии наркотического опьянения разделся до гола, прямо на детской площадке. Ему мерещились змеи в одежде.

Naked man run from the police in Kiev November 5, 2017

UKHOTJOCKS - An Inspector Calls Going All The Way, Scene 2

Fresh from catching hot new house boy Jasper pounding Sam the gardener, Miles Cunningham can’t wait to show husband Jacob the video he stealthily took. Sadly his attempts to lure Jacob back into bed are thwarted by the arrival of the mysterious potential Investor, Harrison Mitchell. Having to put his sordid thoughts to one side to impress Harrison is quite a difficult task for Miles, who can’t help but stare at the Investor’s tight fitted suit.
As he takes Harrison on a tour of the Estate, his mind isn’t quite on the Contract. So when later that evening Harrison has his own idea of how negotiations should take place, Miles finds himself torn between loyalty to his husband and the offer of a potential lucrative deal. As Jacob heads out to locate some expensive whiskey to impress, Miles can no longer resist and succumbs to Harrison’s advances.
This is the kind of negotiations that Miles is a master of. He lures Harrison onto the dining table with his meaty cock, and before long, both are pulling out all the stops to seal the deal. Miles devours Harrison’s uncut cock through his underwear, before pulling it free and taking every inch of it in his mouth. Harrison groans with pleasure as he watches the red headed Miles work his magic.
Before too long they are kissing passionately as Harrison rips the rest of his clothes off before diving deep into Miles’ ass with his tongue, revving him up to take his giant cock. Miles moans out for more, and soon the dining room table is set for the hottest fuck-fest it’s ever seen as Harrison ploughs Miles from behind, from underneath and finally over the table.
Both guys so lost in ecstasy, neither sees nor hears the door go as Jacob walks back in and catches Harrison staring intently into Miles’ eyes as he pounds his tight ass on the dining table. As Jacob storms off into the night, Miles can take no more and shoots a massive load all over his abs. This is enough to send Harrison over the edge, who pulls out and shares his own load all over Miles’ chest.
Finishing the session off with a passionate kiss Miles puts it to Harrison that the deal is now sealed. Although Harrison has other ideas…

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Nude man in the Kharkiv metro December 6, 2017

Naked man in the Kiev metro December 11, 2017

JalifStudio - Steven Richards & Skyler Grey

Skyler and Steven are having a great study session but Skyler wants a lot more. Watch as he gives Skylar a nice dick suck in his bedroom. Things get heated up!

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