Wednesday, December 13, 2017

At when a man doesn’t start having sex till he’s in his 20s it’s like a beast being unleashed from a cage. Drew got a late start in the game but since he’s come out he’s been like an animal experimenting with every variety of sex. The filthier and more depraved the better for this thin, muscular bearded fucker. This is exactly when we like to catch men. He’s still in his sexual peak and he’s insatiable about trying new things. Now we can try him out in any kind of scene our wicked imaginations can come up with!

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Man running naked on the street in Murmansk, Russia

Naked man on the road in Russia - Let Me Go Part 2

Calvin drags Luca back to the bondage frame and straps him in. Grabbing his hand shaped paddle Calvin gets Lucas arse a nice cherry red. Watch as Luca pleads, begs and swears to try and get away from the relentless paddling.
The more he squirms the harder the paddle connects

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Seal Team Sex Part 2 - Diego Sans | Blake Hunter - DMH

Blake and Diego decide to train together and when they hit the showers, decide to take advantage of the hard work they put into their rock hard bodies.

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