Sunday, December 17, 2017

YOUNG BASTARDS - More straight cocks for the gay boys to take // SPECIAL RELEASE //


Maxence Angel and Adam Atlante have already been so much at the hands of these horny captors, whether taking their big uncut cocks in a spitroasting or being made to fuck for their sadistic entertainment, but things are only getting worse for the gay boys as more of the gang arrive to join the party and have some fun. Soon enough the two are being sucked, jerked off, fed cocks and fucked in the ass as the men (and their female friend) feast on their captors and use their holes for their own pleasure. Dick after dick slides in and fucks or feeds each of the captives, while the straightest top of the gang fucks his girl and builds up his load for a messy finish. With their mouths filled with the taste of several dicks and cum loads and their asses aching from all the fucking they've taken, Adam and Maxence are finally left naked and used, smeared with straight guy cum.

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Back Door - Alex Forte|Mick Stallone - DMH

Alex Fortin arrives home and leaves the back door open. Mick Stallone sees this as the perfect opportunity to sneak in and watch him while he's masturbating. He gets caught and now he's the one with the back door open and ready to be entered.

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Poleski has a timid look to him as he introduces himself. He begins to feel more and more comfortable as he takes off his clothes. This is a good kid having a great time. He's got a great veiny cock that sticks straight up into the air with some amazing smooth tasty balls just waiting for some action. Poleski is as smooth as they come and he shows off his young fit body perfectly. Poleski got so excited when he first started jacking for us that he came close to nutting but like a pro, he eased up his strokes and balanced himself out to give us a very nice sexy show. His cock throbs directly in front of the camera wishing it had an eager mouth sucking deep. His sexy balls are full and ready to explode as he strokes his throbbing cock a few more times releasing his built up nut all over his smooth young chest. Enjoy!

Actors : Poleski

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Hot, muscular sex god Roman Todd and dark, sexy stud Noah Donovan can no longer deny the powerful attraction between them. After a night of watching movies and having a few drinks, Roman's inhibitions are down, and he admits his lustful desire for his beautiful, ebony-eyed brother in law. Watch the two fuck and suck the night away, until they drench each other in cum and sweat.

Actors : Roman Todd, Noah Donovan

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This handsome chap is another guy I've been spying on. He's been in the shower room before but this is the first time that I've managed to film him properly. He has a great long cock and it looks like he's a popular chap who's always chatting with other burly men. I'm going to keep looking out for him and the anticipation gets me really turned on.

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