Tuesday, December 19, 2017

UKHOTJOCKS - Locker Jock - Michael Wyatt

Gorgeous boy Michael Wyatt sits before us, Londoner by origin but local to Manchester by choice. We’ve known Michael for some time but thought it was about time we got him into the UKHotJocks studio. He’s always so much fun to shoot and so hard working, not to mention gorgeous and a total bundle of energy. He’s also a talented bottom, which he’s keen to show off in this video! Starting off in a camo vest and some sexy Cellblock13 zip shorts, which show off the outline of his boner beautifully. Speaking of which, he’s pretty much hard right from the start! Caressing his cock through the shiny material showing off every bulge, vein and his full hard-on glory in profile. Taking his vest off he shows off his pierced nipples and tight-as-fuck body, theres not an ounce of fat on this boy! Hands run over his piercings, his tight abs and his hard dick. He stands up hits the wall and unzips the arse of his shorts, giving us a peek at his hole. Taking down the front zip he struggles to get his huge cock out of the hole, standing tall, proud and solid he starts to play with himself, looking down at himself and wanking slowly. The shorts come off and the toys come out! Grabbing a long, bumpy navy blue toy, he sticks it to the bench and straddles over it, stuffing the first nodule up his arse and edging down on to it further. He’s fucking loving it, really riding it, stretching his little hole to the max, hard-on bouncing around everywhere. Taking a new position he smoothly picks up the toy and suckers it to the side of a locker block, at perfect arse height! Backing up onto the toy he can really push it in deeper, groaning and moaning he takes it as deep as he can, almost the whole thing! Pulling himself off he takes a lie down on the bench, beats his dick and and pulls open his stretched fuck-hole, bringing himself close to the edge. BAM, huge shot! Covering his abs, filling this belly button, he lies there shuddering after such an intense orgasm.

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Griffin Barrows gets nailed with a blast of
cum this week on Leaked and Loaded! Colt Rivers tastes Billy's cock, and
Billy makes a hot twink ride it. Enjoy!

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Gorgeous young studs Troy Accola and Gabriel Alonzo get nasty, when fucking each other. They love slamming assholes and sucking on each other's cocks. There is nothing these two guys won't do to keep each other cumming! This is a steamy scene you do not want to miss!

Actors : Troy Accola, Gabriel Alanzo

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The scoring for the competition is close and it's wide open as to who could win. As a bonus round, the judges decide to submit the contestants to getting footed to see who has what it takes to come out on top. Hugh Hunter and Joey D prepare their feet for the bonus round before Sam Syron and Axel Abysse enter to start the competition. Sam takes on Joey and Axel pairs with Hugh as they grease up and hop on the feet. The toes enter the gaping holes and the guys begin bouncing. Axel wants to show off his presentation and lets his rosebud make an appearance before he continues with a foot up his ass. Sam pulls ahead with technique and gets the foot punching down to impress the judges. It's a close game with lots of grinding and grunting and feet going further into each of their assholes. Axel and Sam take on different techniques to get the deepest penetration with a variety of bouncing and writhing to get the job done. Each of the guys gets ankle deep and keeps going to prove that they're the winner. When the judges have seen all they need to see, they reward the guys with a round of jacking off where both Sam and Axel get the release they need from a hard day of extreme fisting competition. When the jizz hits the floor, the winner is chosen, and this year's World Series of Fisting champion walks away with the golden trophy.

Actors : Hugh Hunter, Axel Abysse, Joey D, Sam Syron

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Handsome Master Aaron returns to humiliate and damage this feeble runt. The aggressive top finds his sub naked and alone and takes advantage of his weakness. Aaron orders the sub to lick his feet then swallow his smelly piss.

The snarling top also uses his power-fucking dildo to cause maximum discomfort to this powerless young man. This is one of Brutal Top's hottest ever piss-drinking sessions!

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