Saturday, December 30, 2017

UKNAKEDMEN - Marty Lang & Casper Ivarsson

These two dirty blondes are stiff in their pants before we even get the cameras rolling. Casper Ivarsson is as long and lithe as Marty Lang is muscular and beefy, its a horny, muscular collision of smooth hot skin on smooth hot skin, and its especially hot because these cheeky young pups have gone, skin-on-skin bareback, naughty! Marty's pants are yanked down by eager Casper who gobbles at that thick, juicy, uncircumcised dick, as Marty lies back and soaks up the attention this eager, hungry young pup affords him. Then when Casper's dick is standing erect and ripping with Marty's spit the boys buckle down to some serious, raw fucking, Casper's down like a hurdler at the starting post, ready for some hard thrusting, holding onto the edge of the bed filled with anxious, aroused trepidation as he feels that raw cock pushing at his spit lubed, tight, young hole!

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BOYNAPPED - Sebastian Kane & Xavier Sibley Twink Cock Drained Of Cream

Master Sebastian overheard young Xavier being real cocky with some of the other lads and claiming he could last longer than any of them being wanked and edged. Of course, he needed to remind the boy who the real boss was and no determined reluctance could stop his cum from being splashed. He soon had the boy naked and roped down on the old mattress. The other boys helped out, happy to see their mate taught a lesson. Soon enough he was moaning and groaning, a blindfold over his eyes, his legs parted by tight ropes, his ase being played with and a toy up it. His thick uncut cock coulnd't stay soft, not with all that expert attention and the intense vibration from the massager. Needless to say, this cocky boy is no match for the master. Sebastian shows the boy who the boss is as he makes that cock spew hot cream!

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DominicPacifico - Caseys Candy Christmas

Nothing says Merry Christmas like Casey Everett stripping naked under his Christmas tree by an open fire. He loves to show off and is excited to strip off his candy stripe underwear and stroke his cock. Santa brought his a few giant candy canes for the holiday. Casey can't wait to see if his hole can take the stick sweet stick up his ass.

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tylersroom - Aiden Ward

Aiden comes to visit and can't wait to undress to show off his massive cock. Don't let this thin twink boy fool you, he has a 8 inch thick cock of a full grown man. He strokes and rubs it until he releases his sweet load just for you. Enjoy

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MY FRIENDS FEET - Cole Money Cole Tickled Naked

Businessman Cole is tied down and tickled naked until he just about loses his mind! He's buff, hairy and feather-ticklish - which makes him perfect in my eyes. I stripped off his clothes and blindfolded him to make his tickle torture even more pronounced all over his ticklish body and soles. Plus, I got a little bit of foot worship in which tickled him more.

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BLAKE MASON - Xavier Sibley, David Luca & Rafa Marco Can David Take Two Cocks?

Gorgeous David and his sexy buddy Rafa have returned for an encore after their duo debut together, but they have a special friend to share some fun with! Xavier couldn't wait to get in there and join these two horny guys, soon getting his cock out and sharing the mouth of lucky young David. He's certainly the focus of their attention to start with, sucking on both those handsome tools, getting his hole licked out and stuffed by his good friend Rafa. Of course, Xavier wants a shot at that butt too, sinking into the young man while Rafa feeds him his tool and the two guys spitroast him. Just when you think it can't get hotter, David impales his hole on Xavier's big cock and Rafa crams his dick inside too! It's not easy to take both those big dicks, but he's rewarded for his efforts with a double cum facial.

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