Monday, January 1, 2018

Trust Issues Part 1 - Zeus Michaels | Dante Colle - STG

Dante Colle’s husband can’t trust him to stay home and be a good boy so he ties him up on the staircase when he leaves for work. Lucky for Dante, Zeus stops by and brings a package, as well as his, straight to his door.

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FISTING TWINKS - Seth Tyler & Ray Twist Seth Fucks Hairy Newcome Ray

Seth gets to know new comer, Ray Twist, after they met on a hookup app. The hairy, cute young guy came from a small farm town in Illinois and, like many small town farm boys, he's definitely into kinky dirty sex! After chatting, Seth gets Ray inside and the two start off with kissing, sucking, and fingerbanging before Seth fucks the boy raw til they're both ready to cum.

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JalifStudio - John Marcus & Wild Willy

John Marcus is one studly hairy chested DILF that just recently came out of the closet. He's got 37 years of sexual suppression to catch up on and Wild Willy is more than ready to give it to him! Watch John take some pointers and some cock from his newly found gay friend!

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AmateursDoIt - Colton & Justin

This week's update features two fine physiques as Justin and Colton wrestle on the bed. Justin always comes prepared and he has a butt plug clenched between his tight cheeks. Justin sucks Colton's cock and then Colton replaces the butt plug with his tongue. After tying themselves into a 69 knot of muscled flesh - Justin gets face fucked until Colton cums all over his fine face.

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MY FRIENDS FEET - Aiden Hart Aiden Trains His Foot Slave

Aiden Hart has a new foot and sock slave and he's training him to be a good worshiper and toe sucker. Of course this takes time, but Nathan is showing promise in his willingness to submit fully to the smell of Aiden's socks and the taste of his sexy toes. Aiden starts another session when he gets home from the gym and Nathan services Aiden until he has shot a load on his hairy chest.

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STRAIGHT NAKED THUGS - Dakotah Perrie Big Dicked Boy Dakotah Is Back

Sexy straight twink boy Dakotah told us last time that he would be back to shoot some more cum for the fans, if you guys wanted to see more. And, of course, you did! It's understandable, he's a cute straight guy with a big cock that every one of you would love to be there to worship, and you know he would probably let you go to town on that big cock too. Check him out as he enjoys a smoke, gets his hard dick out, strips naked and pumps hot straight boy cum over his stomach!

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