Saturday, January 6, 2018

YOUNG BASTARDS - Ghostly Fucker is prisoner of his ex-lover

The Ghostly Fucker (Guillaume Wayne) emerges from the net again to satisfy another greedy ass. His ex-lover is keeping his soul imprisoned as a punishment for cheating on him. The Ghostly Fucker begs him to set him free but the answer is as usual: "Fuck me first, then we'll see“. The horny ghost needs to prove that he is still the best fucker around!

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AMATEUR TWINK BOYFRIENDS - Xander Ridge Boner Stroking At The Beach

Xander is a kinky boy, he loves all kinds of interesting things when it comes to enjoying his dick and shooting off his loads. One of his biggest kinks is outdoor sex. He doesn't have anyone to join him today, but he's not letting that stop him, taking his camera down to one of his favorite spots at the beach and filming himself fingering his tight little hole and stroking the cum from his cock! He gets totally naked in the little cave, strokes his rock hard dick and fingers his perfect little rump before splashing his cream out over his tight body! Imagine walking along the sand and seeing this, you would be in there to help him with that dick, right?

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Re-Do -Izaak | Will Braun - DMH

After several attempts at trying to peak Izaak's interest; Will finally gets it and then gets it deep in the ass.

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UKHOTJOCKS - An Inspector Calls - Scene 3 - Getting Even

resh from catching husband Miles being banged over the table by the potential Investor, Jacob storms out of the house to clear his head. As he angrily paces the estate, he trips and pulls a muscle in his leg. Thankfully hot new houseboy Jasper is on hand to help him into the stable and attend to his every need.
As Jasper tries to impress his boss with his magic touch by massaging his bad leg, Jacob gives him some worldly advice about men. But soon Jacob sees the perfect way to get revenge and pounces on Jasper and passionately kisses him. His hand reaches down, groping Jasper’s huge bulge over his pants. Soon Jasper is on his knees servicing Jacob’s giant cock. Jacob takes out his phone and snaps the perfect picture to send cheating husband Miles wild with jealousy. And wild it does, as the second Miles receives the photo, he is over to the stable in a heartbeat. And before long his cock is out and Jacob is angrily kissing him as Jasper goes to town on both cocks.
The couple decide to show Jasper a good time as they both drop to their knees and share Jasper’s huge pulsing dick. Jasper moans in delight as the Cunningham’s run their tongues up and down his shaft. He then bends over as Miles and Jacob take it in turn to pound his tight ass, before the trio lie on their sides and indulge in a three way fuck that has all three crying out in ecstasy. Rolling over, Jasper wanks his cock as the couple kneel over him and drain their balls all over him. Jasper’s eyes light up as the cum rains down on him, before shooting a huge load all of his own.
acob turns to Miles….now they are even!

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