Wednesday, January 10, 2018

May I Join You - Brad Powers | Johnny Rapid - DMH

Johnny Rapid is live on webcam and accidentally tells his viewers where he is. Brad Powers is nearby and wastes no time going over there. After some convincing Johnny agrees to let him join the show.

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STRAIGHT NAKED THUGS - Lex Lane & Dean Inja A Couple Of Horny Lads Jerking Off

Horny straight guys Dean and Lex have some cum in their balls, and these guys aren't shy about getting their dick out in front of a buddy. We're kicking back with the boys as they reveal their cocks, soon getting hard and checking out the competition as they steal glances of the other's boner. With shafts throbbing in their hands and their balls bouncing with every stroke the guys work up the pleasure until their cum is pumping out and splashing over their pubes! It's just a good night in with a couple of horny buddies, and we'd all love to join in.

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