Saturday, January 13, 2018

Hetero Chris has some of the biggest balls we've ever seen! We bend him over naked and tied him up in a public toilet in a most ungentlemanly position. His genitals are wrenched back between his legs and we tie those great plums back so we can see them while also wrenching open his precious arsehole. It drives us wild utterly humiliating this fucker clamping bells to his nips and ordering him to jingle them. Simultaneously his hole is rammed full with a vibrator. Bound in place there's nothing he can do but shimmy from side to side making his bells ring while his insides get mercilessly rammed. His arse cheeks are beaten till Chris is howling and crying. We want his back passage pristine pink for the army of eager men that will pass through this public loo so we clear him out with an ice cold enema. The bastard struggles to hold it in while we weigh his genitals down and strain them to breaking point. He clenches his sphincter with all his might but as Dave lays into his arse again with a fierce whipping he unleashes a filthy stream. We discipline him by drenching Chris in freezing water. He's left trembling, dripping wet and bent naked ready for any pervy takers who walk through the door.

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Battle Buddies Part 2 - William Seed / Kit Cohen / Bellamy Bradley - DMH

Bellamy can’t sleep after having Bones’ dick in his throat, so he lays awake stroking his insatiable cock when the others start rustling in their bunks. Bellamy decides the best way for them to keep quiet is to do exactly as instructor Bones’ taught him.

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BOYS PISSING - Jacob Wright Jacob Jerks Off & Drinks His Piss

Jacob Wright LOVES the camera, specifically whenever he gets to stroke his big, hard cock and then piss in his mouth for us all to see. Jacob puts on one hell of a piss show and then some. After rubbing out a nice load of cum Jacob opens his mouth and lets his piss flow right into his mouth. Talk about one hell of a hot, kinky lad!

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Sexual tension is becoming overwhelming between Hans Berlin and his stepson Troy Accola once Troy finally makes a move they are instantly fucking each other senseless taking out all of the tension on each other's bodies. Sucking and fucking each other till they're bursting with cum! Clearly this is will be their little secret!

Actors : Troy Accola, Hans Berlin

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