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  • May 10, 2021

    #TWINKLOADS - Killian Knox Bottoms: Encounter 1

    When Killian took off his shirt, Connor could see the handsome man's firm, built body. He had a beautiful chest and toned abs to match his bulging biceps. But it was the sight of his round, muscled ass that made the boy's hard-on desperate to pop out. Dropping his pants, Connor gave the hungry older man a view of his massive, nine-inch cock, which made Killian moan. Killian took it down to the base, feeling the boy's soft, ginger pubes brush against his salt and pepper mustache as he swallowed it deep. He gagged again and again as Connor watched in delight. As he looked down, he could see the arch of the man's back, presenting his backside like it was a dessert, making Connor's mouth water for a taste. Bending the big guy over, Connor buried his face between his cheeks, licking his asshole with his long tongue. Killian held himself up, spreading his legs apart as wide as he could to give the young delivery boy an all-access pass to his sphincter. Seeing it glisten with his spit, Connor wanted to see how it looked with his cock sliding inside.

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